Nico Santos' "Rooftop" Receives The HUGEL Remix Treatment

26 January 2018 - - - The DJ List


Producer HUGEL is sounding slick with a new remix out today, as he presents "Rooftop" from NICO SANTOS for their fast-growing fan bases. The Berlin based singer released the original last year to insane reactions, and it's expected this new edit will be just as big.

Nico Santo’s vocals still sound sublime, whilst further instrumentation helps to flesh them out and bring them firmly into focus. Allowing some dance flavours into the mix within the perfectly groove filled melodies and instrumental sass, "Rooftop" shines brightly here.

With the highly impressive production quality we are used to from HUGEL on offer, this "Rooftop" remix will be a sure-fire hit. Listen below.

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Alana Schulz
hugel nico santos

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