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05 August 2014 - - - The DJ List


If you haven't heard of MILO & OTIS or seen them headline major festivals this year across the US, you have probably heard all their tasteful renditions of Brillz, SKRILLEX, Bro Safari and STEVE AOKI records. The producer and DJ duo are becoming a power house for their unique takes and original productions. After seeing them both kill it during EDC Las Vegas and HARD Summer this year we had to meet up the talented duo.

TDJL: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into music?

Otis: Other than Milo & Otis, I have a solo project by the name of NYMZ. When I started high school, I got really into music and wanted to learn how to play different instruments. Eventually, I learned how to play the guitar and my friends and I started up a band. Since then, I have been producing and DJing for about 5 years now.
Milo: I've always been into music, in band through school. I started DJing before producing and then I thought that it would be cool to play my own songs, so I started on Fruity Loops and moved to Ableton later on.

TDJL: How did you two meet each other?

Milo & Otis: We met each other while we were both going to UCF in Orlando. Henry Fong and I (Otis) started a dance music night across the street from the campus and Graham started coming over and playing with us. We ended up producing together one day and it just clicked, and Milo & Otis was formed.

TDJL: Who or what would you say is your biggest music inspiration?

Milo: Going between places, traveling, and showers. Hearing sounds out my window, birds, cars, ceiling fans, etc.
Otis: My biggest inspiration while I produce is definitely Hip Hop…Hip Hop beats were the first thing I was producing when I started. Artists like Pharrell and Kanye are huge inspirations to me because they are both talented, trendsetters and entrepreneurs.

TDJL: Describe to us your sound.

Otis: Our sound is similar to a pug and cat roaming in the wild talking to each other.
Milo: It's like if Parisian pigeons flew through a church hitting all the bells while a clown ties balloon toys for screaming kids. Make me a bicycle, clown.

TDJL: Your recent remix of VICE's "World Is Our Playground" is awesome. Talk to us about it?

Milo: It was something we did very quickly because it needed to be done in a few days. We wrote a whole idea in a day then scrapped it because I had a feeling Vice would want a banger. I enjoy contrast with low rumbling sub bass and high sounds, so we went from there and let the track take us on a journey. We steered towards something club friendly and that's pretty much how it turned out!
Otis: Vice is one of our good buddies that we have known for a while and he asked us to do a remix for him. We loved the original vocal and it was a fun track to make.

TDJL: Your collaboration with A-TRAK on "Out the Speakers" Ft. Rich Kidz has been awesome. What made you produce this?

Otis: We were pretty excited when A-Trak hit us up to work on a tune. He is an awesome dude and it was probably one of the funniest sessions we have ever had. A lot of inside jokes came from that session.
Milo: A-Trak hit us up and the song came together so quick. He was a fun artist to collab. with!!

TDJL: Talk to us about "Send It Up".

Otis: Send It Up was kind of just a random bootleg that we made to play in our sets. When our fans kept asking for it, we decided to release out of nowhere. We liked it though.

TDJL: Do you have any upcoming records/collaborations you can share with us about?

Otis: We have a bunch of stuff that is coming out the rest of the year. Our remix of Steve Aoki Ft. Waka Flocka – “Rage the Night Away” comes out August 8th, we did a remix of ELLIPHANT Ft. Skrillex – “Only Getting Younger” and a remix of FLUX PAVILION & Steve Aoki – “Steve French” all coming out in the fall. We also have a couple of collabs coming out that we are very excited about!

TDJL: What has been one highlight so far this year for you as an artist?

Milo: The Mothership Tour!!!!
Otis: The main highlight of the year for me has definitely been being a part of the Skrillex Mothership Tour. Being on tour with all those guys was one of the best times I've had. I like it.

TDJL: What is something that you are currently obsessed with?

Otis: James Cage White……Very Fresh
Milo: James Cage White. I like it.

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