Mickey Valen's latest remix of Madalen Duke's "Gucci Store" is dripping in gold

30 August 2017 - - The DJ List


If there's any place you would wanna drop some serious Benjamin's, it would definitely be at the Gucci store. And thanks to Mickey Valen and Madalen Duke, there's now an anthem to curate your super boujee shopping spree, while your wallet drastically suffers the blow. But it's okay, because you'll have a really good tune to help get you through it- appropriately titled "Gucci Store".

With multiple tracks hitting way over a million SoundCloud streams, Mickey Valen is a maestro at capturing this super upbeat, sexy vibe in his sound-
whether it's with his deeper, sultrier cuts like "Meet Me" or something bouncier like his remix of "Naked". But the second "Gucci Store" kicks in and Madalen's bad-ass vocals kick in, you'll be having dollar signs in your eyes and hear soft "cha-ching!"'s in the distance. Everything about this remix is gold- from the air horns, down to the elements of heavy brass instruments and all the way back around with that soft little xylophone melody and smooth-like-butter vocal chops. However, the cherry on top is the playful, unnoticed add-ons like the sound of a clock ticking and scattered "ding!"'s around the drop.

Whether you're rocking some Gucci slippies or not, "Gucci Store" will make you feel like a million bucks.

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