Max Cooper To Play MATTE Presents: BLACK NYC Alongside Tale Of Us

04 April 2017 - - The DJ List


On April 8th, music and art will fuse together in a way that has never been done before deep within the industrial depths of Brooklyn's techno scene- to provide event-goers with the most unique and immersive experience they could ever possibly be exposed to. Your senses will be awakened as this blissful sense of psychosis will wash over you, making you question how all of this could possibly be real- while your soul and mind becomes one with the beats provided by top-tier artists like MAX COOPER, TALE OF US and more. This is BLACK NYC- and this is all going down this Saturday in Brooklyn's Grand Prospect Hall.

MATTE Projects is a creative arts hub driven purely off of culture and quality content- and on this magical night, they will stretch their artistic vision and defy the medium onto which art and music is expressed on even further in order to curate their annual BLACK NYC event.

Appropriately-named BLACK will be your escape into the darkness- where you will feel as though you have stumbled across a sinister techno playground that will satiate your soul and mind's dark musical cravings. This raw, minimalistic and enigmatic experience will be orchestrated by none other than the devilishly angelic techno duo Tale Of Us, Max Cooper (Live), MIDLAND and Valentin Strip for Act II of the night, while TOMMY GENESIS, Trimbal Trim and ASMARA will bring on Act I.

Currently in the midst of his EMERGENCE tour, Max Cooper's brand revolves around the combination of his passion for science, visual arts and music to provide people with a deeper experience than just attending a show. He tells a story in which each chapter was carefully and creatively crafted to revolve around a different concept- going hand-in-hand with mind-bending visuals along with a perfect piece of music to match.

What Max has been able to achieve through these works of art is something that goes absolutely unparalleled to what any other artist morphing art and music has done thus far. With this EMERGENCE project, he has conjured an organic world that stimulates your senses and is so brilliantly simple, yet so unbelievably complex. There's absolutely no other words I could possibly use to describe the story that Emergence tells, so just take a look for yourself:

See more clips here.

Following the release of his EMERGENCE album, the remix releases that followed, the creation of his very own label and the overall exposure of his EMERGENCE brand, there is no doubt that 2017 will be a landmark year for Max- with well-deserved anticipation leading up to his BLACK NYC set. And alongside Tale Of Us, his melodic and intricate techno sound will compliment the Berlin-based duo's musical stylings flawlessly- making BLACK to be absolutely unforgettable.

I don't think one can even mentally prepare themselves for what they're about to experience on April 8th, but get ready for the journey that is BLACK and snag some tickets here!

Listen to the EMERGENCE album here and check out the rest of Max's tour dates below:


10 - Victoria, Australia, Babylon Festival
12 - Sydney, The Ivy
24 - Porto, Gare Porto
25 - San Sebastian, Dabadaba
26 - Barcelona, Brunch in the City [Emergence]
30 - Los Angeles, Neuehouse [Emergence]
31 - San Francisco, Public Works [Emergence]


1 - Ajusco Mountain, Mexico, Sounds of Earth
7 - Miami, Trade [Emergence]
8 - New York, BLACK NYC, Brooklyn Hangar [Emergence]
15 - Amsterdam, DGTL Festival


12 - Offenbach, MTW [B2B with Dominik Eulberg]
13 - Brussels, Nuits Botanique [Emergence]
24 - Lyon, Bellona Club [L'Amour / OFF of Nuits Sonores]
25 - Rome, Spring Attitude Festival at MAXXI museum


2 - Copenhagen, Distortion Festival

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