MAKJ & Max Styler Join Forces To Bring You "Knock Me Down"

09 March 2017 - - The DJ List


MAKJ and MAX STYLER are two prime examples of young artists who are no strangers to having tremendous amounts of success throughout their musical careers; Now, they join forces along with vocalist Elayna Boynton to bring you "Knock Me Down", out now on STEVE AOKI's legendary Dim Mak imprint.

Despite the song title, MAKJ, Max and Elayna are three stellar talents that absolutely cannot be knocked down. You may recognized Elayna's powerful vocals from her track "Freedom", which was a hit single featured on the Django Unchained soundtrack. But one can only imagine what her vocals alongside theimpeccable production stylings of Cali natives MAKJ and Max would sound like- which explains why their massive collaboration together has already racked up well-over 100K plays and counting on SoundCloud after just a week and a half:

The eerie track kicks off with Elayna's chilling vocals that fuse together in perfect harmony with a hard-hitting, throbbing bassline packed with glitchy trap stabs- which doesn't fail when it comes to sending surges of energy through your soul and shaking your very core.

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