Lee Burridge's All Day I Dream once again delivers in Los Angeles

14 June 2017 - - - The DJ List


On a beautiful Sunday in Los Angeles, once again LEE BURRIDGE and his best friend HOJ came down to Los Angeles to help deliver once again. It was a crowded from beginning to end as it felt like all of Los Angeles came down to see one of the most popular electronic musicians in the world came to play and craft another memorable party. All Day I Dream as become a staple of the people of Los Angeles since 2012 and Lee has never failed to deliver to the people of southern California. The party started at 2pm and carried on till 10pm. Lee started first half off and Hoj finished the night off. From beginning to end the party was beautiful, and as the day went on it became even more and more busier at the venue. The weather was great and everyone in Los Angeles dressed in their best outfit for one of the best parties in LA. The music started off nice and melodic and as the day went on it became more and more harder and everyone danced to their hearts content. By night fall everyone was dancing to their hearts content and everyone stayed till the very end to enjoy the great vibe and music.

Everyone was sad that the party ended at 10pm but it had to end sometime. Lee once again never fails to deliver his infectious energy and enthusiasm to the people of Los Angeles. The party will always be one of the most popular events in Los Angeles as long as Lee Burridge's name is involved. His positive demeanor and infectious smile will always be welcomed by the people of Los Angeles.

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Mika Gurovich

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