Lee Burridge & Lost Desert drops Elongi EP on All Day I Dream

27 June 2018 - - - The DJ List


The bright, blue days of summer have finally flourished and no one is more prepared to take on the glowing daylight and cozy warm nights than LEE BURRIDGE and LOST DESERT...

The two comrades have returned to the helm alongside vocal stylist Junior for another peak summertime release - a collaborative work titled ‘Elongi’ EP, offering a 3-track collection of wordly mystics.

It was deep in the Himalayan Mountains where Lee first discovered the sonic works of Lost Desert - a fitting start to a relationship as prosperous as the sacred lands and cultures that their collaborative soundscapes portray. It is this culmination of the duo’s travels across the globe that has spawned their iconic style, always looking towards the future with one ear rooted firmly in the past.

Lost Desert soon introduced Lee to Junior, a Congo native, Broadway actor, and coincidentally talented vocalist. The result was the 2016 standout production of their Lingala EP - which provided a sense of familiarity on ADID dancefloors, despite its unfamiliar words; becoming a Burning Man anthem to those who made the pilgrimage to the dusty landscapes of Black Rock City.

The ‘Elongi’ EP offers a fitting follow up with the title track taking Junior’s vocals sung in his native tongue Lingala, a Bantu language from The Democratic Republic of Congo, and supplementing with gentle percussion, temperate bass movement, and a xylophone lead laced throughout.

‘Mona Yo’ continues in the same stride, but offers milder tones as Junior’s voice pleasantly drifts through Lee and Lost Desert’s grooves like soft clouds in warm seasoned skies—silky and casual.

The final track ‘Float On’ wraps up the release with a percussive work pieced together by elongated piano chords and pluckings that are as much atmospheric as they are driving.

Lee Burridge, Lost Desert, and Junior offer this EP as a persuasion to let go of the senses and take a day dream - a trip that leaves listeners with an ancient passion on their breath and a glimmer in their eyes.

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