Lee Burridge & Friends To Bring "All Day I Dream" To The Brooklyn Mirage

12 July 2017 - - The DJ List


You might think it's a hazy mirage, you might think you're dreaming of this mystical, breezy utopia- but you're not dreaming, and this isn't a mirage. It's real life- and it's All Day I Dream.

On July 16th, hot-spot venue The Brooklyn Mirage will transform into a spiritual haven right before your very eyes with the help of LEE BURRIDGE, YOKOO and HOJ. Appropriately named, The Brooklyn Mirage is a massive, neon-light engulfed and palm tree filled castle oasis in the heart of East Williamsburg that one can only dream of. So dreamers, your time is now- as there couldn't be more of a perfect setting for Lee Burridge to host his world-renowned All Day I Dream event series in.

Originally conceived on a rooftop in Brooklyn, ADID has quickly morphed into an globe-trotting gypsy of a brand that has been making people fall in love with life since 2011. Laid-back psychedelic grooves and airy rhythms will feed your soul, while sparkles fill your eyes. Lee Burridge is a deity when it comes to fabricating a magical atmosphere filled with infectious energy and delicate, breathtaking aesthetics. At All Day I Dream, anything is possible.

Tickets are on their final tier for the NYC show and can be purchased here, so make sure you snag your spot in dreamland ASAP.

All Day I Dream: Summer Haze

The Brooklyn Mirage | Brooklyn, NY
July 16th | 2PM - 10PM

It's the summer of love and with fans high in the air, glitter on our faces, sun beams wrapping around us and our drinks filled to the top, this is gonna be the event of the summer. All Day I Dream will be stopping in 10 countries for a 22-date tour:

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