Lane 8's Little By Little album tour took San Francisco by the storm

26 March 2018 - - - The DJ List


Lane 8 has made a name for himself since his hit song "Midnight" in 2016. Come 2018, he has done it yet again but this time with a brand new album called Little By Little. To celebrate the release, he has embarked on a massive tour and this past weekend it hit San Francisco - it was hands down one of the best shows this year to date. Upon entering the venue there was a no camera policy and all the attendees phone cameras were covered with tape. This was actually genius because it forced everyone to enjoy the moments themselves as LANE 8 threw down an awe-inspiring performance at the sold out venue called The Warfield. Truly, the concert was entirely an out-of-body audiovisual experience. Lane 8 is an expert at producing and utilizing traditional techno melodies, synths and basslines and weaving that into an ambient musical utopia. What was most appreciated was the precise use of lighting and stage production to complement but at the same time not take away from Lane 8's musical journey. Often times, the fog machines and confettis are a bit too much and nowadays feels much like a gimmick. This show was not the case, and it won't be for the rest of his Little By Little tour. The most memorable record was when he dropped "Daya" as his introduction right after EEKKOO finished his set. Do not miss out on this experience, you'll be sure to thank us post show.

Tickets for the Little By Little tour are available here.

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