Krischvn Brings The Bassy "Plumbum" EP

08 September 2018 - - - The DJ List


Berlin producer Krischvn is back with the "Plumbum" EP, mixing trap and bass together in a tightly-knit heavy record. As one of Quality Goods Records‘ new players, his tracks have gotten major attention over the past 12 months and now his production skills are pushed to the forefront on this five-track release!

Throughout the EP, Krischvn takes us around the map with differing sounds - tracks like "Overdose" and "Voibe" exude the swagger needed to make a hit within the genre whilst ‘Wvng’ brings a fresh hip-hop beat to the mix. Not only that, but Krischvn manages to infuse his own signature into each track, which is really where the EP’s prestige comes from.

We have feeling things are going to blow up big time for this 20 year old! You’ve been warned...

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Alana Schulz

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