KRANE drops two new tracks in one week

08 September 2017 - - The DJ List


KRANE releases an incredible remix of Big Gigantic's "Odyssey Pt. 1" and it really is a a showcase to KRANE's talents as a musician.

"When Big G asked for this remix, I had so many ideas of where to take it I wound up making like three different remixes. But this was the one that stood out, and bringing SAINTS on board to do some ad libs just brought it all together. Couldn’t be more excited to share." - KRANE

KRANE also released "Monarch" last Friday, a collaboration with MYRNE and the lead single to his forthcoming EP on Dim Mak.

"This ones been tucked away for the right time to release. MYRNE and I have gone back and forth on it, road testing it in sets, and trying out different ideas for a while now. This track brings some of our most signature approaches to producing together. I would consider this next series of releases as sorta my looking back to where my sound has come from, and where it’s headed." - KRANE

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