Kill Frenzy Gears Up For Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival & Talks Musical Upbringing

05 October 2017 - - The DJ List


October 12th signifies the start of one of the most coveted events of the year, taking place deep within the industrials depths of Brooklyn. For 3 whole days, the absolute creme-de-la-creme of electronic music join together to take over Output, House Of Yes, Music Hall of Williamsburg and more of the finest venues that Brooklyn has to offer to present the annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival.

To curate the weekend of this proper house and techno mecca will be powerhouses like BICEP, following their massive album drop that left everyone shook, Relief Records chief GREEN VELVET, Dirtybird player JUSTIN MARTIN, industry veteran PETE TONG, TOKIMONSTA and countless others. On the star-studded lineup also lies another Dirtybird mainstay, Belgium-bred KILL FRENZY- the man who's dark, cheeky productions such as his massive releases like "No Panties" and "All Night Long" never fail to get us grooving.

Kicking off his tour today at Dirtybird Campout, we sat down with Kill Frenzy ahead of his set at BEMF for the Relief Records showcase on October 14th- to see what he has up his sleeve for the rest of the tour and the creative process behind making the tracks that "make that booty clap":

Let’s start things off with where your name comes from and some background on how you came to be as an artist.

It comes from one of the first Grand Theft Auto games. I would pretend I was sick to stay home and play this game all day. When I was choosing a DJ name It was the only thing I could come up with when I was 17- besides Seba Da Roomdog haha. As you can tell I was influenced a lot by FELIX DA HOUSECAT.

You’re about to kick off your new tour next week, congrats! You said you wanted to do something different for this one, so what exactly did you have in mind for how this tour is gonna go?

I wanted to play with people I enjoy playing with either going b2b with them or just filling the whole night with music that I truly enjoy and that I think will fit with my set as well as make a well rounded night. I also just wanted to be able to hang with friends while on tour.

Is there any city you’re stoked to play specifically?

I don't want to single one city out because I look forward to playing all of them.

The tour starts at none other than Dirtybird Campout, which is always a fun time. What has being a part of this kooky, fun-loving Dirtybird Fam been like for you?

It’s like no other label I know. I feel like the people who release music on dirtybird have a similar mindset. It’s almost as if the music kind of shows who you are and a lot of the guys are what their music sounds like. For example: if you listen to my music you can tell I don't take myself very seriously and you hear what I'm into and where the ideas come from. It is similar with the others.

Growing up, what has your musical background been? I noticed you’re also a fan of the big guys like JEFF MILLS and Green Velvet, like myself!

Being from Belgium I grew up listening to so many different genres. We would listen to guys like Jeff Mills and Green Velvet on the radio and think it's the most normal thing but I discovered when I traveled to other countries it is not that normal. We were soaking in techno, house, electro drum and bass, from when we were young before we even started going out.

You have a super distinct, wonky acid tech-house sound to your tunes. What is your process when it comes to creating? Are you big on sampling and experimenting with new sounds?

I love sampling. I used to do nothing but sampling with my mpc and make juke tracks. But I try to tone it down on the obvious samples because you get in trouble these days so you have to get more creative if you sample things. I think in the 90's when the old school guys did it nobody noticed but if you do it now with the internet it doesn't work that well.

Having grown up listening to Velvet and now about to play the same stage as him at BEMF is pretty surreal I can imagine. Looking back, is there anything you wish could tell yourself or you wish you knew when you were just starting out as an artist?

Take music lessons! I still haven't done it.

You’re getting the creme-de-la-creme of techno and house lovers at BEMF, what do you have in store for your set? New tracks?

You'll have to come and hear.

Name 3 things or fun facts that people might not know about you!

1. I'm a private person.
3. See answer 1

Anything in the works for the future or is the tour gonna be the main focus for now?

I have a new EP coming out soon with a collab I did with Chambray.

Catch Kill Frenzy and the rest of the acts at this year's BEMF by snagging tickets HERE and get tickets to see the man in action on his "Deep Tour" HERE!

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