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19 January 2017 - - The DJ List


Jaykode is a producer based out of Los Angeles and just started his first full tour this year, kicking off with a show in San Diego and playing at Insomniac’s Audio on the Bay. His set on Audio on the Bay was killer, sticking to the theme of dubstep and deep bass that the entire weekend held. We were able to talk to him just after his set about his new singles and the rest of his tour.

You just joined the Circle Talent agency, how has that been?

It’s great, I’ve been with them for two weeks. My agent actually moved from another agency and he just brought me with him so we already had a bit of a relationship for the past year or so and then he’s just lined up a whole tour for me for the first quarter. It’s been really exciting, this is the second day so this whole weekend’s been a tour kick off kind of thing. San Diego on Friday and then Audio today.

What’s your favorite song to play right now?

That’s a tough one. It’s not new, but Lido’s remix of Billboard has been in my sets for two years now. I think I’ll play that in every set honestly just because I love it so much, it’s just hip-hop based. The Quix and Ian Munro remix of purple Lamborghinis has been going off really well, so I think I would say those two are my favorites right now.

How do you decide what you’re going to play for the night?

I usually cater to the audience and I’ll feel out the event before hand and I’ll see the past line ups and stuff like that. Sometimes I’ll talk to people and see what they’ve been digging and then just go based off that. I know audio is a lot more dubstep and trap oriented, especially tonight because it’s bassrush. But a lot of the times I mix in a lot of hip hop if it’s club shows, just a lot of old school hip-hop and stuff like that. I didn’t do that too much today, I did a few tracks and it got a good reaction though.

Where are you looking forward to touring?

Honestly the places I’m going to I haven’t been to a lot of them, so it’s kind of cool that I’m going to be hitting all these cities. I’m excited to be in Montreal even though it’s six degrees right now which is not okay. I don’t even know how to comprehend that, cause in L.A it’s 50 degrees right now and everyone is freezing. But Montreal I heard is beautiful so I’m looking forward to that. I’m looking forward to the East Coast, I’m going Scranton, I might have a Philly date as well. I’ve never been to the East Coast before.

What are some of your biggest inspirations as a musician?

Producer wise, Flume’s new album really inspired me, I mean his first albums was one of my favorites. Ever. It was super ahead of its time so I get a lot of inspiration from that still. Lido’s new album is maybe one of my favorite album’s right now, he put it out a few months ago. But besides that I go outdoors a lot, as much I can. I’ll take winter trips to big bear and being out in the snow and nature kind of inspires me because you get to get away from LA and being cooped up in your room all day.

Why did you decide to put out the EP as separate singles instead of the EP?

So what happened with that was it got completely dismantled. We were supposed to put it out last July, and we just had complications with the label, so we decided that we didn’t want to wait to put it out any longer. I really did want to put it out all together but we decided to just drop them around as singles instead. I put out the first one called Know better last month in December, and then I’m putting out a new one with Bassrush records called Break it down with Sullivan King. It’s a really dope one, it has a full on metal bridge, and he did all the drum programming and the guitar solo which is cool. Then the third one I’m putting out with Buygore as a single in March.

Is there any way we can expect an EP soon?

There’s nothing planned yet, but maybe sometime this year. I haven’t really decided yet, I want to be really to be in love with every single track on the EP and make it as special as the EP I was supposed to put out. So whenever I’m ready. I can’t give you a time yet, but hopefully by the end of this year or next year.

How did you get started as an EDM artist?

I’ve been making music since I was 7. I played piano for five or six years, and I played guitar before that, so music has always been in my blood. I started producing electronic music back in 2008-2009. Me and my friends went to CONTROL in Avalon in LA for the first time back then and then I [remember thinking] “This is really dope.” It was all electro back then, and it still had that rock and roll feel but it was way more electronic, and I’m a metal head so I just fell in love with them music and I was like “I wanna do this.”

What music platform do you prefer to put your stuff out on?

It used to be SoundCloud, but SoundCloud kind of sucks right now honestly. It’s not user friendly anymore, and they’ve made it more focused on the consumer, which I totally understand, but the producers are the ones that are curating the content and they’re not making it easy on us at all. So Spotify is where it’s at right now. The plays are real, the followers are real, there’s no spam, no spammy-bot comments, no porn comments you get on all the tracks now. SoundCloud’s kind of become a joke, so I’ve stopped growing it and putting an effort into growing it, and it’s kind of been growing naturally, but we’ve shifted everything to Spotify now.

What’s up next for you after tour?

I’m still going to be working on music between the tour cause I’ll be home during the week. It’s not a bus tour or anything, just Thursday-Sunday. I’m sure I’m gonna get a lot more inspired just from being out in different places and playing different places. So working on a lot more vocal originals and keep making music honestly, and then eventually being able to work on the EP.

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