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12 July 2017 - - - The DJ List


As the electronic music world converge in Germany for the latest sound for the future... SUPER FLU stand alone with their own unique style of music. Super Flu (Mathias Schwarz and Felix Thielemannare) are based in Halle/Germany. Their music combines a very artistic and experimental side that always brings high energy that has the dancefloor moving. Their label Monaberry is one of the most popular labels in the world and has introduced major talents to electronic music like ANDHIM, MONKEY SAFARI, and CASCANDY. The duo was kind enough to answer some questions for us!

Who introduced you to electronic music?

Opa Herbert.

Who came up with the name Super Flu? Do any of you actually get sick?

Nope, because Flu just means “Foreskin Leather Uniform”

What does your studio currently consist of? Favorite gadget at the moment?

Yamaha vss-30 and a modular system.

When producing a track from scratch what's your first move?

To turn on the power distribution.

How long did it take your to finish new album “Musik 3”? Did you come up with any difficulties?

We needed approximately two years to collect all ideas and to find a direction with which we felt comfortable. That is a very fun but also pretty exhausting process. After this the implementation went relatively quick.

What made you want to start your own label in Monaberry in 2009? What's the funniest way someone has got you to sign their music to your label?

We just wanted to be independent and not have to adjust ourselves according to someone’s A&R. Originally it was just meant for our music, but now somehow, we are also A&Rs. An artist once built a replica of our hometown Halle (Saale) with Lego and sent it to us together with his USB. That was quite interesting.

What's your favorite sound system at an festival/party?

It is hard to say. What is more important is the technician who adjusts and aligns it and the space where it is standing.

Do you still have any of your old vinyl? Favorite vinyl track growing up?

We still have all our vinyl from our early days and listen to them every now and then. Last time we rediscovered a little piece of gold: Mu – Paris Hilton.

What are your future plans and big releases for your label you have coming up?

We are going to have a big classical concert with the Mannheim Philharmonics where we will perform our album together with an orchestra. After that we will have babies and continue to release the music we like.

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