[INTERVIEW] Keeld on the future of Parisian musical future

21 March 2018 - the dj lsit - The DJ List


We sat down with french producer and DJ Keeld who hails from Lyon, to talk about his latest release 'Action' out now on Tchami's label Confession and the future that holds for this budding new talent. Busting out onto the scene in 2017, he has released a single EP and official remixes for Pardon My French artists like Malala, Tchami, and Mercer.

On how the last year has felt in regards to his new heavily praised fame, Keeld says he has, "made a lot of progress last year I was super motivated and ambitious to put out music, most of all thanks to Tchami and his imprint Confession, which allowed me to better discover my world. I am very happy to see that my music is liked and supported by people who motivate me."

Releasing late February, Keeld has a new experimental dark tune 'Action' on Confession that is made up of future house, bass traps, and electronic elements. The production is strong and key with anyone who gets released on Confession in the first place. "Action came about out of nowhere when I had writer's block, I wanted to make a very dark house with a very jerky rhythm tune." Starting bubbly and jumpy from the beginning, this track evolves in so many directions in the best ways possible.

"The piece of advice I'd have to give myself would be to keep my head in the game and to not take too many breaks as hard as it gets. I'd tell myself to keep pushing forward to create tracks and to stop overthinking things."

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