[INTERVIEW] Dustycloud on his newest single 'Move'

21 March 2018 - the dj list - The DJ List


We sat down with French producer Dustycloud on his latest single 'Move' out on Pinnacle Collective. Saying that, "it all started with a vocal I found deep on the internet, I instantly fell in love with it. I wanted to build a track around it that put feeling into the words. I imagined a sad intro (almost depressing) and a really powerful drop that wakes you up and makes you want to move around. “Move” makes you feel like you can do anything you really want to do."

One of the latest up and coming talented electronic music artists out of France, Dustycloud proves his talents as a producer. Some of the strongest house producers come out of Paris and Dustycloud has multiple releases on Tchami's label Confession. We asked if he felt pressured to push the musical limits within his own sound. "Nah I don't feel any pressure because of my friends making good music in Paris, actually I'm happy about that. It gives a lot of energy and motivation to create new music and push the boundaries of house music." Its unique to find a newly shining artist find their path so freshly early in their careers, but that doesn't make it any less impressive. "I feel like I've found my own style in the music scene, in general. I'm 100% that I bring something new to French House, at least that's what I'm trying to do!"

His latest track 'Move' out now on Pinnacle Collective is a techno dance floor with a modern feel. Topped along this track are some of the most relatable lyrics you will hear in a house track like, "I'm tired of coming home from work to an empty apartment and nobody is there." How couldn't anyone not relate to that at one point or time in their life? Sitting at a beautiful 73k listens on SoundCloud this track has done extremely well for the new budding artist in its first month of release. For the remainder of the year you can find Dustycloud busy as a bee. "I have my new track coming out on In / Rotation a label of Insomniac Records. I recently just signed with Spin Artist Agency so I'll be touring Canada and America later this year for the first time. I'm very excited. Also have collabs on the way with Bijou, Volac, Tony Romera, Dillon Nathaniel & more!"

"If I could play anywhere I would play on top of the Eiffel during Bastille, dropping dirty house beats while the fireworks go off and thousands of people from all over the world watching."

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