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15 August 2017 - - - The DJ List


Romanian native BOG has the skills of creating beautiful layering sounds to help set the mood for long journeys in his sets that explore the depths and boundaries of creativity. BOg’s understanding of people: what they sense, what they feel, what they want to imagine, is a part of what distinguishes him from other DJs and producers. The fast-rising producer is well versed in the art of entertaining the more discerning dance music fans. BOg has progressed profoundly through his close mentorship with JOHN DIGWEED, garnering massive acclaim for his forward-thinking productions, whilst keeping his focus grounded. BOg was able to answer a few questions we had for him from his busy schedule.

Who first introduced you to electronic music?

Well most of my friends are in the electronic music business and very passionate about it so it just came naturally.

How did you get into the production side of things? What was the first gear you ever owned?

First time it was by curiosity and it was a friend of mine that was producing music very similar to Trentemoeller. I was fascinated because I've always been a Trentemoller fan since his first album.

The first ever gear I owned it was a microKORG black limited edition.

What was the first track you ever had signed to a label? How were you able to get it signed?

I signed my first EP in 2009 and it was a collaboration with a friend. It came out on Takt Records. We just sent them a demo, they liked it, and agreed to sign an EP

What's your current studio setup? What's your favorite gear at the moment?

I don’t use that much gear to be honest and do not own that much gear. All I have is a Tanzbar drum machine, one MOOG sub 37 and a Roland SH 101 which is my favorite piece of gear. For the rest I use Ableton plugins.

How did you first meet John Digweed and started releasing tracks on his label Bedrock?

I met John Digweed back in 2014 during the Burn Residency competition. From the moment I saw he was one of the members of that season I knew I had to apply. He is a role model for me, and one of my heroes in electronic music.

While I was in Ibiza John had the Insane residency at Pacha so I was attending almost every party. At one point I gave him some unreleased tracks for Bedrock but I was never thinking that I will get a positive answer. Luckily he trusted me and released the tracks on Bedrock and we are still in touch at this day :)

What other artist really helped you out on your career?

Well in terms of inspirational help then there are many starting from JOHN TALABOT, John Digweed, SASHA, CARL COX, SVEN VATH, CARL CRAIG, Sterac, The PRODIGY, DEPECHE MODE, and Trentemoller.

As a producer, do you prefer to collaborate or work alone?

I think collaborating once in a while is healthy. You can learn many things from other people too but at the same time I like working alone as well as that is who I am.

My personal favorite track of yours is “The Other Side Of The River”. What's the story behind the track and how long did it take you to finish it? Do you have a favorite track of yours that's special to you?

Some time ago I was playing in Warsaw (Poland) and a friend of mine told me a story about the Vistula River that splits the city in two... so that inspired me in doing that track. I think it took me one to two months to finish it.

A personal favorite track for myself would be Rakuten that was released on Bedrock two years ago.

Do you still play vinyl? What vinyl do you have that you can't get on digital?

I do not play vinyl anymore but I am still collecting and listening to vinyl most of the time. I think having music on vinyl is one of the most beautiful things in music as it lasts forever.

I have a collection of vinyls called NOMO which have no artist name, no track name and no info about anything related to who made the tracks. Those tracks have never been released on digital and they've only been released on 300 limited vinyl copies. The guys from NOMO are still releasing in the same format at this day. You should check them out!

What are your future travel plans and releases coming up?

I will be traveling to India soon and as it’s my first time traveling there and I'm very excited to be playing over there. Maybe Argentina later this year, and more dates around Europe for sure. Release wise there will be something coming up soon on a German label, something that I am really proud of and can’t wait to share with you the news but at the right moment.

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