In-depth with Autograf's + live performance at Fox Theater in Oakland

05 November 2016 - - - The DJ List


Autograf is set to perform live on a 30 date headlining North American bus tour with GOLDROOM. Since their hit record "Don't Worry" and official remix of Bastille's "Good Grief", the trio recently dropped their LP titled "Future Sauce" which has become one of the most mesmerizing pieces we have heard so far. "Future Sauce" is definitely a testament to the solid production talent of AUTOGRAF, with catchy piano melodies that goes into a more groovy vibe. The LP comes available with a new art print from Autograf as well. Their live performance was an entirely different experience than we've ever seen before. The live instrumentation totally had the crowd fully immersed in the music...there's just something different about live sets that brings unique elements to the stage.

We got a chance to meet with them at their tour stop at Fox Theater in Oakland, California.

How has this year been for you so far?

My plants are all dying. We're never home. I should probably sublet my apartment. Other than that, year has been amazing!

How was your performance at Something Wicked?

Our lighting guy, Aaron, bashed his head on a strobe 5 minutes before we went on. His whole face was bloody. I thought it was just Halloween and told him to get his ass to the sound booth. He was drunk by the end of our set so I assume everything was ok. Or maybe that was just to numb the pain. I feel like an asshole.

You recently did a Reddit AMA live w/ Goldroom! How did that go?

I learned Mikul really sucks at typing on a phone, and that our fans really do know a lot about us! So that was rad. (not the part about Mikul sucking on the phone)

You've also been on a big live tour with Goldroom as well. How has that been going?

The Goldroom guys are probably up a good 6 hours before we even wake up, but the few hours we are together is really rad. Josh sips wine on stage, plays NBA 2k, and bloodies his guitar on stage like a boss, so yeah it's going awesome.

What is the most memorable or craziest moment you've had so far on tour?

Most memorable was bringing my parents on stage in DC. Craziest was a veggie tray challenge in Portland. We had a bunch of food we had to eat before leaving the bus without power for a few days. So we have a Greek yogurt and veggie tray challenge. But yeah, I killed a massive veggie tray and didn't puke (almost). I didn't realize I had such a knack for it. It was all those raw veggies I ate as a kid. Thanks mom.

Is the preparation for a live performance very different from your DJ sets? What is your setup like?

With DJ sets it's listening to a ton of music to find tracks you want to play out. With the live performance, it's a lot of setting up and messing with gear and then practicing or writing new parts you want to jam out to.

What were some of your favorite places you've been to recently?

Denver, Portland, Cali, Vancouver to name a few.. coincidentally all the places where weed is legal. It's not so much the weed, but probably more so the mentality and spirit of these places that allow weed to be legal.

Talk to us about your debut EP 'Future Sauce'. How did you come up with this?

Our debut EP was actually called Future Soup, not Future Sauce. Our last song was called Future Sauce. Two separate things, two similar names. Honest mistake. Our fault for naming them so similarly. Maybe we should name our next song Future Soap.

We saw your post on Facebook hinting about some new music...is there anything you can share with us?

Yep, wrote a new song on the bus! We should put that out, shouldn't we.. ?

What is the name of the last record you just played?

The last record I stole was the Goldroom album. Sorry Josh, I didn't mean to. It just ended up in my suitcase somehow. They were using my suitcase for merch.

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