HYTE NYC Brought The Ultimate Techno Grooves To Governor's Island

09 July 2017 - - The DJ List


With Independence Day Weekend comes booze, burgers and buddies- all united under one firework-filled night sky as we celebrate the marvelous country that is the U.S. You made the right decision if your weekend plans consisted of the essential 3 B's- but you made an even better decision if your weekend included that plus properly curated tunes from some of the finest techno talent in the world. Safe to say, I made the even better decision- along with the thousands of other party-goers that attended HYTE NYC on July 2nd:

Stepping off the ferry and approaching the massive new event space on Gov's, my heart instantly synced with those classic techno untz untz's thumping from the distance. With the breathtaking, panoramic view of the NYC skyline blended with crystal clear waters, I knew there couldn't be more of a perfect backdrop to this epic all day/all night function.

First thing that stood out to me was that HYTE's set-up and general atmosphere this year was completely different from last years, which took place in the industrial depths of Brooklyn. Instead, it resembled something more so along the lines of a one-day mini festival. But one thing still stayed true regardless of set-up- that HYTE had made their mark in establishing themselves as a godly brand amongst the techno and house community.

Along the entrance was a beautifully decorated flower awning wrapped with dangling purple lilacs and twinkly lights, that left everyone passing underneath it in complete awe. Perusing past that through the Beergarden and various food trucks, I made my way over to catch MARCEL DETTMANN at the first stage- which, by the way, was absolutely GIGANTIC. Before deciding where to set up shop, I decided to check out the second smaller-scale stage- curated and hosted by Movement Detroit. And truthfully, the Movement stage is what completely stole the show.

Once I saw my girl MAYA JANE COLES ripping it up, as well as the more laid-back, groovy demeanor of the people in the crowd, I knew that I found my place for the rest of the evening. To my surprise, the sound quality, set-up, spacing and just general vibe of the Movement stage completely dominated in comparison to the first stage- which at times was a bit overwhelming and hard on hearing. Fans in the air breezing over our faces, beers filled to the top, an orangey-pink sorbet of a sunset and Maya's basslines moving our waistlines was the euphoric pinnacle of the day. It was that unforgettable "it doesn't get any better than this" moment that HYTE truly outdid themselves with.

As night approached and the headliners were on, my general aesthetic for the night was hopping from RICHIE HAWTIN to LOCO DICE, getting some fries in between, going right back to Richie and so on- not to mention also witnessing a group of Australians do a shoey at Richie's set (because clearly nothing screams "freedom" more than that).

Loco Dice, a HYTE NYC veteran making his return for a second year, absolutely demolished the crowd with some hard-driving beats over at the Movement stage- right before the long awaited Collabs debut of CHRIS LIEBING and SPEEDY J would go down. And man, it went DOWN- as Chris and Speedy relentlessly pierced the souls of all HYTE-goers with their fast-paced, glitchy, acid beats that traveled in sync with red and white flashing lights. The lights punctured their way through dark purple fog that trickled into the crowd and cast its way into the night sky- with a gorgeous view of lady Liberty in sight, as we grooved the rest of the night away.

HYTE NYC, your second year was one for the books. See you next year for round 3!

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