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The latest artist to emerge from Brooklyn's underground electronic scene is no new artist at all. Dark pop producer, singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist, Husks is making his solo debut with the release of his upcoming EP "Design Me" - dropping June 22. Check out the first two singles "Design Me" and "Corrode" here on The DJ List!

After the breakup of his former band, Youth Culture, the ending of a "turbulent relationship" and a short break from music, Husks teamed up with co-songwriger, Becca Krueger and is back with the all-telling 5-track alternative pop EP, "Design Me."

"Design Me" was inspired by film scores from the Netflix horror movies Husks found himself watching as he coped with loss and life changes. His eerie production style on this EP pays special homage to the sounds that connected with his emotions during that time.

"[Design Me] Is the sound of me working through all of that loneliness and giving it a place to live. Hopefully, it gives other people going through the same emotions a place to channel that, and helps them get through their day and feel less alone." - Husks

Husks' new solo project sounds a lot like 80's electronic band Depeche Mode meets indie electronic pop band The xx. His brooding, somber vocal style fits nicely with his unique instrumental sound design, which is driven by unique percussion patterns and dark, bellowing synths.You can feel the lonely thoughts and deep self-reflection Husks was feeling during the creation of "Design Me." His soul-bearing lyrics and emotional melody lines reveal an honesty that is lacking in a lot of today's pop music.

If you enjoy brilliantly produced music that is open, sincere and capable of sending chills down your spine, then you will certainly vibe with "Design Me" by Husks. Stay on the lookout for the official release of "Design Me" coming June 22!

Husks is the brain-child of Brooklyn producer and multi-instrumentalist, Connor Small. Husks' experimental pop fuses the icey electronic atmospheres of contemporary horror movie scores with booming trip-hop grooves, evoking the likes of FKA twigs, Fever Ray and Zola Jesus. Growing up in suburban Philadelphia, Small displayed an early interest in music, mastering several instruments before graduating high school. He began writing his own songs and performing with local bands at 15 before attending college. After college, he formed the electro-soul group Youth Culture with former classmate Andrew Kilman. Small preferred to stay behind the scenes, crafting the textures to support Kilman's vocals. Their debut EP Dreams to Make You Shiver debuted in July, 2016.
Small continued to push his sound to its edges. An avid horror movie fan, he experimented with blending the haunting ambient tones from his favorite scores with Youth Culture's electronic rhythms, this time taking the lead on vocals. His debut EP is set to debut in June 2018.

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