Holly Makes His Debut On Buygore Sub-Label Fresh Blood With "Bejing" EP

27 October 2017 - - The DJ List


With gut-wrenchingly sinister synths and a soundscape comprised of glitchy, otherwordly wobbles, Portugal-native HOLLY showcases his one-of-a-kind sound with prowess as he unveils his gruesome EP. But this time, the previous Buygore selector will take his talents elsewhere by debuting his "Bejing" EP on a new imprint, an imprint crafted for night-crawlers with a yearning for something devilish- which just so happens to be Buygore's very own sub-label: Fresh Blood.

The 3-track EP is the epitome of quality over quantity- all 3 artistically diverse tracks fusing together in seamlessly wicked harmony, leaving your soul craving more of that Holly sound. The producer captures us in a web of obscure snares and earth-shattering, gritty vibrations with "Web Friendship" alongside FROST- while Holly's collaboration with JUPE, "Formuh Ride", transports us to trap heaven and has energy coursing through every elemental layer of the track.

The third track of the EP, "New York Taco", is the one that really takes us for a spin. With the incorporation of Japanese-inspired flutes and strings and faint bird chirps, Holly and INVERNESS paint a peaceful visual in our minds through sound- before brilliantly distorting that visual with stuttery jabs, hollow plucks and a shaky bass.

Stream/Download the EP here!

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