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05 January 2017 - - The DJ List


Grandtheft made a stop in San Francisco at 1015 Folsom on his tour. Even despite his constantly touring, GRANDTHEFT gave the audience a high energy set, and no one would have been able to guess that he had just flown in from Vegas. His set was a perfect mix of Bay Area anthems and some of his own remixes, with even remixes of THE WEEKND thrown in. Right before he went on to play his set we were able to catch him for a quick interview on his touring and new single.

Which stop on tour has been your favorite so far?

I tour nonstop… it’s hard because we, my tour manager Steve and I, were just talking about how when you do this many shows, 5 shows in a week or something, time moves so much slower than it does for normal people. So sometimes we’ll be like “Remember when this thing happened and it was the craziest show ever?” and he’ll be like “Dude that was like last week.” So it’s hard. All the Asia shows were good… I just did Detroit on Wednesday at the Fillmore, with Marc Garrets and MARSHMELLO, at that was really sick. Last night was awesome in Vegas. They’re all pretty awesome.

What’s your favorite track to play right now?

Easy Go. It’s my new single with DELANEY JANE.

Favorite thing and least thing about touring?

Favorite thing about touring is being able to connect with my fans that connect with my music online and being able to connect with them in person and feel their energy in a live setting, that’s the most special thing. That and I guess being able to see the world and travel. Worst thing is probably what everyone tells you which is early mornings and flights and no sleep.

What’s the story behind your name?

It’s the name I came up with when I was teenager. When I started making beats, I was a musician first, but when I started making beats I was really into hip hop, and I’m still really into hip hop but I’m into old school hip hop, and I was really into sampling and I thought it was all about sampling everything and digging for old records and little found sounds and making songs that were basically like stealing other people’s little samples and trying to get away with it, you know? So that’s what Grandtheft was to me, it was about jacking sounds and samples, and making music out of sound garbage basically.

Is there anyone you’re looking to collaborate with soon?

So many. I have a bunch of collaborations on the go, but I don’t really like to talk about them until they’re done and out. Cause something’s take so long. You know this new song with Delaney took us a year to really get it together and get it out. But lots of fun things on the go, and I’ve been lucky to collaborate with a lot of people who I admire and lots more to come.

What are your goals for 2017?

I feel like this is a news resolution right now. I never keep up with my new year’s resolution, I always make really lofty ones and then I don’t do them and I feel like crap so I feel like I have to set the bar really low and come up with bad ones, and take up smoking or something. So that’s my plan for 2017.

What’s your favorite music platform to use right now?

It used to be Soundcloud, but right now I’m really loving Spotify and how it works with the playlists and everything, so shout out Spotify. I used to love the glory days of Soundcloud, but things done changed. And right now I have Easy Go on the radio in the states and really heavy in Canada, it’s on the pop-charts in Canada so that’s pretty exciting because I’ve never had that outlook for my music, really.

What’s up next for Grandtheft?

In the beginning of the year, mostly January, I’m taking some time to write new music, and I have a bunch on the go that I want to finish.

How has being apart of Mad Decent benefited your music?

It’s a great label, they really help to foster my creative vision. They really are supportive and let me do my thing. Which isn’t always super raging club music like my last EP with them was pretty mellow, and they really let me do that and be creative. And then also they have such a great audience, you know. DIPLO and the label, and the artists that they support on that label are making great stuff and the audience is there for it really have the audience for it with the block parties and everything.

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