Gesaffelstein Destroys Souls with his Last Live Performance

22 April 2015 - - The DJ List


We’ve known for some time that Coachella 2015 would be GESAFFELSTEIN’s last performance, and let me assure you, he did not disappoint. The French techno extraordinaire is well-known for producing two songs on Kanye West’s Yeezus album, but fans know his career encompasses so much more than that. Gesaffelstein has made his mark on the electronic music world with his dark, hard techno - bringing a refreshing, unique element to today’s music trends. Watching him perform is truly a treat, and Coachella was no exception.

Gesaffelstein took the stage at 9:15 on Saturday night. The Mojave Tent was a fitting location for his performance, as it provided a more intimate experience than the Sahara Tent would have. Gesaffelstein definitely isn’t a neon lasers kind of guy. In fact, his lights were entirely the opposite. The stage was total darkness with only bright, flashing strobe lights. The lights combined with smoke machines to create an underground feel which meshed perfectly with his dark, aggressive set.

Without saying a word, Gesaffelstein dropped banger after banger. His set progressively got heavier with every track. In a suit, as usual, he chain smoked his cigarettes, silently destroying the souls of Coachella attendees. The crowd absolutely erupted when he dropped his hit “Pursuit,” and you could feel the intense energy throughout the Mojave Tent. Gesaffelstein has this ability of maintaining a grimey, filthy sound without ever getting too gnarly. It’s the perfect amount of grit that just gradually gets darker. It was totally insane to watch and definitely met the crowd’s high expectations - definitely one of the most memorable performances at Coachella. Check out the video of his performance below.

GESAFFELSTEIN from Holden Kilgore on Vimeo.

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