Galantis brought the best vibes to San Francisco

19 March 2017 - - - The DJ List


You know you are in for one hell of a concert when the admission line is circling around the plaza outside of the venue. As soon as I stepped inside the the music had already started and WAX MOTIF was on the decks.

The main stage lights suddenly turned off and it went silent for a few moments which seemed like forever until GALANTIS got on which added to my anticipation. The entire crowd went wild and before I knew it, I witnessed a sea of hands as soon as the duo got on. Some of my most memorable records they dropped are below.

During the middle of the set they invited the elusive sea fox and switched up the gears by performing on live drum kits on the fly - which literally made my mouth drop.

We can't wait to see and hear more from Galantis while they continue their Spring tour this year.

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