Moonswings - "Hold On" ft. Dreamlyfe

The Future of Music is Female with Moonswings

01 March 2017 - - The DJ List


Moonswings (pronounced moon-swings) is the musical brainchild of So Cal’s DJ FIREFLY and Lil Luna. The two met in 2015 and bonded over their shared love for music, fashion and festival culture. The chemistry between DJF and LL lead them to become best friends and each other’s biggest supporters. It wasn’t long before talk about joining forces ensued. The two began exchanging ideas on how to accentuate DJF’s DJ/Producer background with LL’s singing/songwriting to create a strong female fronted live performance duo. Thus, Moonswings was born.

“Hold On,” featuring Orange County DJ/Producer Dreamlyfe, is Moonswings second single. Coined “flirty trap,” the track highlights Moonswings’ emotive female vocals over DREAMLYFE’s signature bass-driven sound. “Hold On” was premiered live at Cosmic Resonance in Downtown Los Angeles back in November 2016 before its release on SoundCloud this February. Check it out below!

Moonswings is beyond your average DJ girl group. These girls sing, songwrite and produce all their own original music, in addition to designing/styling their own wardrobe, accessories, art and everything else that falls in between. Moonswings have a very strong band-like ethos, which allows them to express their individual and combined creativity in all facets of their production and live performance. Both DJF and LL play off of each other’s frontwoman nature, making for a fierce live show.

You can catch Moonswings for FREE this Saturday at the Downtown Santa Ana Art Walk, alongside the likes of Dreamlyfe, Pastry and more. The Art Walk will feature music from So Cal’s biggest upcoming artists as well as excellent art of various forms, good eats and great drinks. This is an all ages event so feel free to stop by with the fam. Moonswings is on at 8:00 p.m. followed by Dreamlyfe. Moonswings will be introducing lots of new music during their live DJ set so don’t miss your chance to see these babes before they take off!

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