Where Will You Be 'When The Funk Drops'

08 January 2016 - The DJ List


Brimming with bouncing bass and colorful lyrics, “When The Funk Drops” echoes on in the mind for hours after the play button is pressed. Buzzing synths and sounds radiate from the speakers as the track transforms into an anthem for any house connoisseur or dance music fan. A progressive track that beckons for attention, each break snaps back into the ruckus with new ideas and interesting twists. It is not difficult to hear each collaborator’s influence as the sections reflect on each other with a level of fluidity found only in artists of this caliber.

A rowdy release worthy of the most bumping dance floor, “When The Funk Drops” weaves vivid leads into each section and calls out to listeners with each verse and phrase. This animated collaboration zips and jumps past beats in a way that could only be compared to a psychotropic video game roller coaster. With hearts beating to the 4/4 rhythm and hips shaking to the beat of their own drum, this heavy track will lead listeners on a journey through the minds of its creators.

Known for his immense catalog of music, spectacular live performances, and his lead role in the conception of Panda Funk Records, DEORRO is a household name in the house music community. Teaming up with Australia’s Uberjak’d was a no-brainer as the two put their heads together to culminate the basis for “When The Funk Drops”. The final puzzle piece missing to complete this undertaking was the addition of Los Angeles’ own FAR EAST MOVEMENT, who implemented their signature sound and energy into this banger. Each adding their own unique techniques and skill sets to the project, the track bounces and moves as it ricochets across the vocal sections and dives into the psychedelic waters below.

Listen to this luminous track on YouTube or purchase it on Beatport. Remember to keep up-to-date with each new release on Panda Funk Records by following them onSoundcloud and liking them on Facebook. “When The Funk Drops” is available to the public on January 8th so be sure to have this song queued up for your Friday night dance party.

For more on Panda Funk or the artists, head to their socials -

Panda Funk Records: Facebook   |   Soundcloud   |   Twitter  |   Website   |   YouTube

Far East Movement: Facebook   |   Soundcloud   |   Google+   |   Instagram   |   Twitter   |   Website

Uberjak'd: Facebook   |   Soundcloud   |   YouTube   |   Instagram   |   Twitter

Deorro: Facebook   |   Soundcloud   |   YouTube   |   Instagram   |   Twitter   |   Website

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