Two Friends To Join Matoma At NYC's Terminal 5, February 11th

26 January 2017 - - The DJ List


Two Friends are the two best friends that anyone could have, and on February 11th, they will grace the stage of NYC's very own Terminal 5 , alongside the master of all feel-good tropical tunes, MATOMA, and THE ASHTON SHUFFLE.

Matt Halper and Eli Sones are currently in the midst of successfully skyrocketing their way to being one of dance music's most promising artist duos with their uplifting, euphoria-inducing electro-progressive sound. Having received the #1 slot on Hype Machine over 17 times and gaining support from the likes of dance music powerhouses such as THE CHAINSMOKERS, DON DIABLO and Tiesto, TWO FRIENDS are going full-force and are not planning on slowing down on bit.

Their track 'Forever' has a whopping 1.7 million plays on SoundCloud and counting, and their tune 'Overdose' , in collaboration with EXIT FRIENDZONE, recently got picked up by Billboard. As if that wasn't enough, the boys are about to finally release an EP on legendary imprint, Spinnin'.

Can you imagine what it would be like to play a set in front of thousands of people with your very best pal by your side? Think of it like shamelessly dancing around in your bedroom together while jamming to your favorite tunes, but BETTER.

Snag some tickets for the show here!

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