French-duo Ofenbach Discuss Latest Single "Be Mine" And Musical Inspirations

19 April 2017 - - The DJ List


France is no stranger of being called home to some of the most reputable and influential artist duos in the electronic music scene, such as DAFT PUNK and JUSTICE. At the mere age of 10 years old, two Parisian boys named Cesar and Dorian met, and fast forward to present-day, came to be known as OFENBACH.

Ofenbach has received praise and support from some of the top artists in the game such as TIESTO and ROBIN SCHULZ, and are racking up a whopping 24 million Spotify streams and counting on their remix of Lily & Madeleine's "Come To Me", as well as over 20 million streams on their latest release "Be Mine". We got a chance to sit down with the boys to talk about the release and their rise to success:

Tell me a bit about how you guys got started as artists and how you guys met.
Cesar: First of all, we've known each other since we were 10. We were really young- we met during a fire alarm and were joking around, and soon after that, we talked about creating a band. We had a rock band when we were 13 and had two or three different bands and then we began producing a bit later and DJing in little clubs in Paris.

So you guys dropped "Be Mine"- what was the creative process of creating the track?
Dorian: We decided to make a mix between old rock music and deep house, so that's why "Be Mine" has guitars and distortion on the vocals. So to create the track, we began with the bass and around the bass sample we created the voice melodies- after the voice melody we wrote the lyrics and we had the top-line "and I want you to be mine" come directly in. After that, we added organs, drums and guitars and so on.

Was there an inspiration behind the record?
Cesar: We are really inspired by old rock bands like The Rolling Stones and guys like Jack White.

Growing up in a band, did you guys ever think you'd end up DJing as a career?
Dorian: We didn't know that we were going to be DJ's in the beginning. We always used to be like, "no we don't like that type of music- we like to do real rock with drums and bass!" and when we discovered Robin Schulz on SoundCloud 3 years ago, we saw the opportunity to mix rock n' roll and pop with a new sound- electronic drums and electronic bass- and now we're more open to that type of sound. At the beginning we were like "no", though!

What do you want people to feel when listening to your music?
Cesar: We wanted to give energy to people- we wanted to make people dance and just have fun; with "Be Mine", that was the first goal.

That's a good reason to make a song! So seeing that you guys still live in France, what would you say are some of the major differences between back home and the states?
Dorian: The size of the french fries *laughs*.

*laughs* Are they bigger here?
Dorian: Yeah, they're bigger here. But yeah, the U.S. is the center of the world- everything happened here and every big decision is made here, and France is older and has an older story. But maybe we'll come here after!

What's your dream place to play?
Cesar: Coachella. We're not playing this year-
Dorian: Next year for sure!

What would you guys say your most memorable show was?
Dorian: Our best show was in France at Zenith De Toulouse with 12,000 people and it was our first big show.

Alright so looking ahead into the upcoming year, are you guys planning on releasing any more singles or maybe even an album?
Cesar: We will release a second single before the summer and we're currently working on it. We also have a lot of festivals and shows all over Europe- and after that in September or so, we'll begin working on the album.

What's your vision with the album?
Cesar: Deep-house rock! We want to create a universe with this type of sound that you hear in "Be Mine"- rock and electronic!

Any other projects for the year?
Dorian: Yeah- for the second single, it will feature an American singer but we can't say who! It'll be a fun summery dancing song and we hope that the project will blow up in the states so that we can come back here.
Cesar: So in other words- stay tuned!

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