Firebeatz on their recent record release "Ignite", hints on huge collabs and more

23 April 2017 - - - The DJ List


The last time we met with FIREBEATZ was a couple years ago at Insomniac's Beyond Wonderland in 2015. Known for their mainstage anthems like "Helicopter" and "It Was You", they're on a US tour hitting San Francisco as one of the stops. If there is one thing we can say about Firebeatz, they sure know how to perform at a party because they always get the dancefloor going crazy! This time we followed up Tim & Jurre from Firebeatz speaking about their tour, recent record 'Ignite' and found out some huge things that will be approaching later this year! There was a whole lot of catching up to do.

How has your USA tour been so far?

Tim: Very good, started this month and we had some cool shows in New York, Washington, Miami...
Jurre: Portland yesterday!
Tim:: and San Francisco today!

Talk to us about your record ‘Ignite’.

Jurre: It's actually kind of like a club/festival track we made and we made like I think right before the end of the year.
Tim: It was laying around for awhile.
Jurre: We actually started it in Australia, like 3 years ago with the breakdown. Then we changed it around and it works very good on the floor. We still think it's very important to release club tracks as well. We have it as a free download on our website.
Tim: You can go to our socials and you can find the link!

Do you have any other upcoming records you can share with us about?

Tim: We are working on a lot of new stuff. Basically, we're working on a new label, working on a mini album, working on a bunch of collaborations with LUCAS & STEVE, CHOCOLATE PUMA, LAIDBACK LUKE, BINGO PLAYERS...so there's a lot of new stuff coming up. Big, big stuff coming up!

Every year, Miami Music Week is massive. How was this round?

Jurre: It was crazy this year. Our own night, it was a Tuesday the start of the week but it was also the rest of the week.

Talk to us about your remix of “Thinking About You” by Axwell /\ Ingrosso.

Tim: They asked us to do a remix and they loved it. They played it in their sets. They were like lets do and put it out.

Talk to us about your radio show. Where can we tune in?

Jurre: Yes, we have a weekly radio show. We try to play anything we like actually.

Tim: It's very diverse.
Jurre: More house actually. Our roots are with house. The radio show is the perfect place to play those because like 80% of the people who are listening are like in the car or just chilling. So they don't want to hear like hard, banging stuff.
Tim: It's on over 50 countries. Like Jurre said, we get so many demos and you would think it's hard to choose from so many but it's hard to choose from because there's so many good stuff out there. Sometimes you have to pick stuff that has to fit you but we don't. We pick stuff that's really good.Even if it doesn't really fit our profile, we still put it in the radio show because it can be different. We think a radio show is someplace where we can experiment.

How is your studio setup like?

Jurre: We have two studios. We work in Logic. We speakers we use are the Focal SM9, KRK and others.
Tim: We just bought a new Mac Pro. It's really powerful. I'm really happy because I came from an iMac. A lot horsepower. We got some cool, new sh*t. We had some old school Yamaha NS-10.

With festival season coming - what has been your most favorite to perform at?

Jurre: EDC Las Vegas.
Tim: I think the one in Portugal on the beach was fun too.

What is one track you would recommend to listen to?

Jurre: Ignite.
Tim: Ignite, I like that track.

You been touring globally, what is one thing that stands out in the US that you don’t really see elsewhere?

Tim: Food trucks in Portland.
Jurre: The festivals I think...other people dress up and has a different vibe than in Europe.
Tim: Definitely festivals on the West Coast are crazy.

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