Faisal And FLYES Boldly Remake A Single By Friends In Paris

09 October 2017 - - - The DJ List


Having gained some serious attention following on from the release of the original earlier in the year (and even finding it used in the TV show Lucifer), “When Your Heart Is A Stranger” by Friends In Paris - who rather ironically don’t come from Paris, although they most likely are friends - is brought back around under the guise of a couple of remixes.

Taking the reins here are FLYES and FAISAL, who present their takes on the dramatic melancholy of the original. FLYES gives us an electronic, beat centric version filled with production dynamics while Faisal’s remix presents a more layered, musical take with hip hop influences at its very core.

These remixes of Friends In Paris’s “When Your Heart Is A Stranger” are out now on Sony Music Belgium, so stream yourself a copy from here.

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