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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Sandro Cavazza - "What It Feels Like (ANGEMI Remix)

03 March 2017 - - The DJ List


The highly anticipated debut single, “What It Feels Like,” from upcoming Swedish songwriter, Sandro Cavazza has taken sound waves by storm. “What It Feels Like” is the first record off Cavazza’s debut self-titled EP- scheduled to be released April 2017. It is a deeply visceral ballad that shocks the heart with a raw hunger and tenacious grip on what could have been. The track emanates an all-too-familiar feeling of longing as Cavazza’s rugged yet sultry voice powerfully projects what it feels like to want something so much it hurts. The song was, “Initially inspired by that unsatisfied feeling you get when a major life moment turns out not to live up to the hype,” says Cavazza. The emotive force that fuels this track will have you yearning as you sing “Is that what it feels like” at the top of your lungs. If you don’t believe me, listen for yourself below!

Sandro Cavazza – “What It Feels Like”

“What It Feels Like” is a carefully crafted representation of Cavazza’s years of songwriting and vocal training. As an experienced musician who spent his early career honing his chops and developing his sound, Cavazza has found solace in writing honest, heartfelt pop music. “The songs are all connected by honesty,” explains Cavazza, and that ethos transcends through his body of work.


Cavazza’s most recent collaboration is with dance music’s fastest budding artist, ANGEMI, who took Cavazza’s electro-r&b track and gave it a sweet sounding rendition. The melodic-trap rework plays off the hip hop undertones layered within the original single. He further emphasizes the passion behind Cavazza’s resonating vocal. ANGEMI’s remix of “What It Feels Like” premieres TODAY here on THE DJ LIST! Check it out below.

Sandro Cavazza – “What It Feels Like (ANGEMI Remix)” 

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