[EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE] Nala releases 'Moss Dog' featuring ADP

28 July 2017 - - The DJ List


We have an exclusive premiere of an experimental new track from NALA titled 'Moss Dog' featuring ADP and it's worth gracing your ears. Starting a bit dark and dreary, this experimental piece still hones true to electronic dance tones. It starts to lighten up and really envelopes you into its sound and dreamscape it builds. Every sample featuring in this track was recorded by live instruments and resampled into the track. With the recording being done by herself and other instrumentalists, this track garners more and more impressive with every second.

This is the last track on her segmented 4 track EP release and it is one of our favorites from the whole EP. This last track includes a featuring guitarist named ADP. He has toured with The Memorials and holds extreme talent in his field. Theres even a funny way they met for this track even, ever heard of swipe at first sight? That's right, Nala found him on Bumble while scrolling through looking for a guitarist in Los Angeles. She saw him and there was a picture of a guitar so she immediately swiped right and well here we are kids. Tell us what you think below!

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