Exclusive Interview With Vandalism

12 December 2016 - - - The DJ List


The success of your new single with Tommie Sunshine and Disco Fries has been hugely widespread! Whose idea was the collaboration initially?

It was my idea, I’ve always loved the track Tommie & Disco Fries (DF) did with Vicious – "Don’t Look Back."This was a killer vocal disco track and when I started working on the demo and looking for a catchy male vocal, Tommie & DF were our first choice.

Have you had good responses so far when playing “Forever” out? Where was the best crowd you’ve ever played to?

The responses have been amazing, I played it at a Festival in Darwin to great reactions and have been dropping it at all my current DJ gigs in Melbourne.

What would you say makes VANDALISM unique?

Probably our live performances, as there is not a lot of duos around like us. I usually start the sets getting the crowd vibed up and then Cassie comes on and take it too another level. It gets pretty crazy.

What do you each like about each other’s styles?

Tommie has a great connection with so many genres, and Disco Fries make great house tracks, their production is nailed.

What have been some of the most memorable parts of 2016 for you (good or bad)?

Absolutely the best part would be that we had a baby daughter who is now part of the Vandalism team. She comes on tour with us and hangs in the studio while we are recording. She’s the best.

Can we catch you playing somewhere for New Year’s Eve?

We’re doing a private party.

What is next for you guys?

We are working some great new tracks, we’ve got 2 really strong ideas we are finishing up at the moment. Should be out around February or March.

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