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23 December 2016 - - - The DJ List


You seem to cut quite a mysterious figure within the scene. Can you tell us three little known facts about yourself?

Hey guys, it's UNKWN. I've been producing music on FL Studio for about 6 years now. I started by first producing hip-hop, then moved into electro and progressive house, and finally onto trap, as UNKWN. I won a Maybach Music Group beat battle in 2011, only 1 year into producing. I'd say my favorite VST at the moment is Serum and Sylenth1, I really recommend you get those!

How would you sum up your style of production?

I'd say my style of production is very unique, tribally, and grimey. Coming into the trap game only a few months back, I try not to listen to other artists production. I find that if you do that, your sound will be nothing but unique. A lot of artists these days listen to other tracks and try to replicate the same sound which gets very annoying and repetitive. Create your own lane and stick in it. There's no competition when you're manifesting your own lane of music.

Do you feel your sound constantly evolves?

Yes, yes, and yes! Every remix or release, I try to manipulate my sound as much as possible! The style of trap music constantly evolves and you must keep up with the trends! For example, compare trap music from 4 years ago to the style today, there are major changes. Let's admit, we've all made "festival trap remixes" of electro house tracks and thought they we're master pieces. Now, trap artists are creating original tracks that are much more complex, totally blows my mind!

The year is coming to a close – what have some of your 2016 highlights been?

Honestly, 2016 has been nothing but a blessing to me. I started this project 'UNKWN' late August, and the amount of support and love I'm getting is unbelievable. Starting with UZ's repost of my remix of "Ready" by Wide Awake, to major DJ's following me like.. UZ, Herobust, Diplo, Ookay, Vanic, Snavs, Fabian Mazur, and much more, this year has been great! To see all these amazing acts support my music, motivates me to push myself harder everyday! 2017, I'm ready for you.

We love your work on UZ’s “Magellan” EP. When did you start working on the remix, and how long did it take you to complete?

Thank you! I first started the remix of UZ's track "Cavern" late August. It was the second track I produced as UNKWN and was very proud of it. I originally released it on MMXVAC as a free download thinking not many people would get to hear it, but out of nowhere UZ hit my Soundcloud DM's asking if I'd be down to release it officially on the "Magellan" remix EP. I immediately requested the track to be taken down and the rest was history. Special shout out to UZ! The remix itself took me about 2 hours to produce and 1 hour to mix / master the way I wanted it to sound. To see so many dope talented producers like and share my remix is honestly a blessing. I highly recommend you check out the whole EP, all the remixes are INSANE!

Could you name a favourite tune of this year?

Truthfully, I have so many I can't give one all its glory ha ha... but artists such as Troyboi, Boombox Cartel, Quix, Yookie, UZ, Fabian Mazur, Snavs, and much more have been releasing FIRE all year (Hit me up if you see this, let's collab!)

If you could set yourself any musical goal, what would it be?

Music goals.. I have many! Some notable ones are, getting 50K followers on SoundCloud by the summer of 2017, 10 major label releases set up by spring of 2017, getting signed to a major agency before 2017 ends, and most importantly setting up a tour to share my music with the world. If I can accomplish these goals by next year, I would be a very happy man but for now... the grind won't stop! Thanks for the interview.

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