Exclusive Interview With Royale Avenue

15 June 2018 - - - The DJ List


New act on the block Royale Avenue recently released the fantastic single "The Rhythm Is You," which is impossibly catchy. Check out what they had to say about their signature style in our chat below...

Good to have you guys! Please tell us a little about yourselves… who are you and where are you currently based?

Matthieu: Hey guys, this is ROYALE AVENUE! We’re a French electro power trio (including two brothers) and we’re based in Paris, France!

How long have you been making music as a trio? What made you first want to write it?

Laurent: It’s been a few years since we started making music together but we only began writing songs specifically for the band last year.

Jean- Noël: We really wanted to create something personal and different, where we could play not only with music but with every aspect of what we love in art.

What do you enjoy most about producing? What difficulties does it sometimes bring?

Matthieu: What’s amazing with production is that, from the moment you start, everything is possible. Sometimes it can be difficult to be able to play with ideas so much - you can get lost in the process. We usually spend days experimenting with sounds, chords, melodies, etc.

Do your surroundings inspire your music? How would you sum up the signature Royale Avenue sound?

Jean-Noël: We’re inspired by every interaction we have with the world: surroundings, people, movies, conversations and so on.

Laurent: People tend to say that we do have a signature sound but we’re just doing the music we love, so probably this mix of old elements like guitars or drums combined with very modern production and overall sound. But we don’t want to think about it too much so we’re able to keep it spontaneous and fun to do.

Matthieu: Also, we don’t really want to follow any specific trend, we just want to write the music we’d love to hear on the radio, really!

Are you pleased with how your debut record “The Rhythm Is You” has turned out?

Jean-Noël : We’re very happy with the feedback, people seem to really love it! This is such a feel good song, hopefully people will connect with it!

Did it take long to write?

Laurent: Well actually, it was a long process because originally when we wrote it, it only took a day to do it - but it was a completely different song and production. And we didn’t really know what to do with it but shortly after, we felt we could do something more exciting and we literally spent weeks trying to find the perfect song structure, sounds, etc. It all made it feel very special for us in the end!

Where do you see your sound progressing over the coming months/years?

Matthieu: Probably doing more collaborations with different artists, it’s always very interesting to open yourself to different worlds and visions. We’re always trying to create contrast in what we do and this is often where the magic happens!

If you could work with any artist (alive or dead) on a track, who would you choose and why?

Jean-Noël: We would definitely love to spend an afternoon with Ed Sheeran and write the best pop song of the decade, haha! He’s so talented and versatile and he brings so much to the table. He’s also a great songwriter and for us almost everything starts with a melody.

What can we expect from you next? What are your plans and hopes for the rest of this year?

Laurent: Definitely making big plans for the upcoming months. We’ll release the official music video for our single in a few weeks from now. Also we are working on new music and of course we’re looking forward to playing our first shows! Can’t stop, won’t stop!

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