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25 April 2017 - - The DJ List


In the beginning of March we placed Le Malls on your radar for his newest release 'Blazed' featuring Beckii Power. Shortly after the official music video was released and that only made us love Le Malls more, so we decided to sit down and talk about the industries youngest and most promising rising star.

1. Can you tell us briefly a little bit about yourself? From a simple perspective most know you as the 17 year old French born producer.
Hey Everybody ! Hope you living a wonderful day. So as you already know I’m a 17 years old producer and I started producing around 4 years ago at the age of 13. I used to create many styles in the past and never stopped producing and working everyday on my music skills. Year after year music took a bigger part in my life and my time and love for it never stopped growing. This is what made me what i am today and I know this will surely continue like that in the future. The most important thing to what I’m doing is the fact that I listen all genres of music, it can be future bass to rock to blues to drum n bass all of these genres united are my source of inspiration.

2. How does it feel to be placing out tracks so early in your career and seeing such an insane response to each one?
Honestly it feels great! I can finally see the results of all the time I have spent in my bedroom working on music. What makes it better is the positive response and huge support that people give it. It's always such a pleasure to watch a track growing up and see people listening to it and loving it. The fact that it started early in my career is a good thing cause it enables me to try some different stuff, new sounds in every track, new arrangement ideas, new structures and build on what I love. But honestly all this great stuff couldn’t happen without the hard work of all of our team to push every release and make it audible to the biggest amount of people and let the world discover it.

3. Was music always a part of the career path or something you fell into? Can you tell us a little bit about how you got to where you are today?
Music has always been present in my life since I was a baby my mother was a huge fan of the 80’s pop music. My father was more into classical and orchestral music so I had two huge music genres playing along in my childhood. I grew up loving music but the EDM music, DJing, festivals etc, I discovered it when i was 13 and I directly fell in love with it and wanted to be part of it. I had a few alias's and each of them had its own genre of music. I liked to do it cause i was able to practice different styles and share it with people but at the beginning of 2016 I started ‘Le Malls’ and tried to create my own style while crafting some new sounds also future bass/trap music was to me the perfect type of where i can create easily and produce.

4. Though your future as hard to see, where is it you would like to see your self? Do you have any specific expectations for yourself in the coming few years?
My expectations for the rest of this year are to release one track a month, play some shows / tours, maybe live performances, and keep doing what i love in this music industry. Sharing my music with the rest of the world and of course always working on my music skills by bring you the new sounds out there which I find and create. I would love to do more collabs in the future, mainly with some singers that I vibe with and dig their style. I mean there is so much that is happening it's unreal. We are really just at the start here and there is so much that is happening all around me at every point in the day. It's hard to keep up sometimes. I guess I didn't imagine I would be in this situation this quickly so I am really trying to adapt and take everything in. I guess I have one main goal and that is to play at Tomorrowland. I guess that's every producer / DJ's main goal though so I don't want to sound cheesy but it's true!

5. Can we expect an EP/album coming up? Even while being fresh to the industry, do you have future plans for a tour, if so where do you plan to do it (Europe, North America, World)?
For the near future I’m not planning to do an EP or an album cause I already have a lot of releases coming out till the end of the year. The strategy here is to make sure we are releasing a track every month with a few remixes here and there. I'm really focusing on original material and I don't want to be one of those artists which gets big or known for their remixes. I think remaining true to what you do and feel is important and for me this is why I spend 12 hours a day here in my room writing music. Next year? I would love to work on an album and it's an experience that i want to have in my career. There are some plans for shows in the fall and hopefully a tour with a big artist at the end of the year!

6. What has been the greatest reward so far since starting your music career? Anything special or has that moment not arrived yet?
I think the first best reward was my first million of views on YouTube with my track 'R&G' out on Trap Nation. That was a huge moment for me in my career and an important point in my life. After that a lot of amazing things have happened. I signed with Paradigm Talent Agency in the U.S and Echo location agency in Europe who are two huge booking agencies. At the moment I've hit over 10 million streams on my two releases presently and a lot of things happening that make my career growing really fast.

7. Your song 'Blazed' did killer in its first week of release and you just released the music video which is doing great as well, tell us about the concept for the video?
That true! The support on Blazed was unreal and continues to really make me feel great! A lot of blogs have been posting about it, and also big thanks to you guys for doing a review on it too! The music video took it to the next level and expressed all the feelings i wanted to share with this song. The idea of feathers was a great way to express what the lyrics were about as well as filming it in London. The double faced beauty of London describes this track perfectly. London is a beautiful city but at the same time a sad city with the weather and the architecture. It's chaotic but at the same time calming. The idea of the video was to convey the beauty of Beckii Power's voice while keeping to a dark but innocent vibe. The feathers are there to show that something so beautiful can be so chaotic. It just added that beautiful touch to the video.

8. How did this song come to life? Did you have any idea for it and finally got the pieces together or was this created solely creatively?
Before starting to work on it i had some ideas of how i wanted it to sound. I had an idea in my head and the production just came naturally. If you heard the first version of the track and the drop though it's completely different to how it ended out. The original version was a lot more pop but the drop was a lot more chaotic. When I was producing the track I kept on getting new ideas and it was hard to narrow them down because there were so many but after Beckii sent over her vocals it really enabled the track to take shape and come to life. The original being a lot more pop didn't sit right with me so I took it more down a future bass style and that is what I ended up settling on. The combination I think works perfectly for this track.

9. How are you liking all the new found fame you are and will continue to achieve? Is it a bit surreal?
You know I haven't really thought about it too much. It's crazy that so much stuff has been happening and I haven't really had time for anything to settle in. I don't really see it as fame though. We've all been working really hard to make this all happen so it just seems like things are really going in the right direction. I think it was a bit surreal when we started releasing tracks and getting over a million plays in a few days. That really took me by surprise and then to have such amazing feedback on the video for 'Blazed' was crazy as well. It's all just something that we are taking day by day and working really hard to make it the best it can be!

10. Last unrepresented question, but a very valuable one. What is the craziest, wildest, most memorable thing you have ever done, witnessed, or been a part of since starting your career? Even though this may be a short period of time, there must be something wild!
That was definitely my trip to London. It was the first time I met my managers and all the hard working team behind me and who deserve a part of all the success too. I had so many good times there and met a bunch of artists and producers. I finished 4 tracks, did 4 photo shoots, two music videos and all of this was done in 10 days. All these were new things in my life but I really appreciated it and loved London! It really gave me an insight on to what this life is going to be like and I loved it!

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