Exclusive Interview With Reuben Keeney

04 November 2016 - - - The DJ List


Tell us a little bit about yourself, for those who don’t know…

My name is REUBEN KEENEY and I am a 24 year old music producer/DJ from Ireland. This year I have remixed Usher (RCA), Black Coast (Ultra Music), Kerli (Warner/Chappell) and music production for talented artists such as X&Y, Lynchy, and Rainy Boy Sleep.

What would you say makes your music stand out?

That’s a difficult question to answer. In an era of endless producers trying to “chase” the latest trend rather than create it, I try and bring some fresh elements to my music that are a little out there and unusual. It doesn’t always work but luckily people enjoy listening to what I do!

Had you already worked with Sophie & The Bom Boms or did you happen to stumble across them as an act?

So I met Sophie during my very first London songwriting sessions. We met in the studio and were playing ideas, and by accident I played her a really rough demo of what is now called "Dangerous Me." She thought it was dope and we ended up writing/recording the vocals in one session. I think Sophie is amazing and is a bad ass chick that I’d love to keep working with in the future.

What has been a learning curve?

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that we, as artists and music lovers in general, need to look out for each other in this crazy thing that we called the music industry. I can understand that we are all trying to get ahead and use each other for that reason, that’s natural in every industry and I get it – but I feel that (especially in the creative industry) it can be a lonely place at times. By taking a moment out of your day to actually talk and care about the people you are working with can go a long way to someone that needs it. We are all in this for the same reason and it’s about time we started working as a family. I’m so lucky to have an amazing team and group of friends around me, because we all need the right people around us to help deal with the dark days as well as the bright.

Is your next release on the way? If so, when can we expect it?

Yeah! My next release “Leaving You” comes out early December and features the talented Demi Caswell on vocals. I met Demi around a year and a half ago as we are from the same town in Letterkenny, Ireland. She was quite shy and had never stepped foot into a studio before, but her raw talent and passion for music has blown me away. Fast forward to now, and she’s featuring on my next single called “Leaving You”.

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