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08 November 2017 - - The DJ List


We sat down with young fresh and new dj/producer REAUBEAU during ADE to discuss how he got where he is today and what the future holds for him. While chatting at ADE we also discussed his latest track that came out yesterday with CREEPA and JAMAL called 'Mist'. Pop on the track and read along as we introduce you to ReauBeau...

"We made this tune together at the start of 2017 in my house at a writer session we set up. I live on the 8th Floor and have an overview of the forrest which was very spooky and misty at the time. Heres where the name and vibe of the song are based on. Really proud of the end result! Hope you guys all like it!"

It’s been a little bit since we last spoke, it was your latest release with SNAVS, what are some things you have been up to?
A lot! I’m making a lot of music. I work for Red Bull and make in house sounds now. Red Bull Media House which owns the music library where people can use music for all their videos and Red Bull TV and stuff. I have sold a few tracks to them to use in all their videos, which is great. I just quit my job to go full time with music about three months ago.

What were you doing before hand?
I was a nurse actually. But I could finally just quit and now I am just finishing up a lot of tracks like I have got a release on Wolf Records and two releases on Lowly Palace coming up. I am also in talks with Spinnin as well and my sample pack is finally finished which will probably go out on Splice.

Something we have noticed with you is that you have really been growing as an artist from your previous project into your new venture. How does it feel and where do you think your career stands currently? Do you feel like you are getting to a peak?
I am feeling traction for sure at this point, the ball is really rolling which is why I quit my job and I can just focus on music. Things are really starting to go really fast. Like two days after this I am flying to LA to do some studio sessions with Red Bull and yeah just putting out a lot of music and getting support from like TIESTO and DYRO. I’m having a collab with DIRTCAPS.

Where do you hope you will be next year? Or where do you want to be?
That’s a hard question, like I always wanted to reach the top, thats my goal. I eventually want to make film music, that is my ultimate goal. Creating music for films, advertisements and things like that. Music that is more story wise.

Your musical styles have just sort of really begun to blossom into what is fitting as a genre for you as an artist. How do you feel like you found your style and figured it out?
It took me a while you know. I first made dubstep, drum and bass and then I thought I didn’t like the hard style sounds because they weren’t really songs, it was just about making hard drops and sounds. I really love making songs and songs that tell a story. Like when you have a proper vocalist and you write the song together and then I will produce a track with or without the drop so it is a more cohesive song. Thats really where I have grown in the past two years. So I write pop music as well next to my ReauBeau project as well. Mix it up a little.

What do you think ReauBeau became?
I think future hip hop. Like I used to listen to a lot of old school hip hop like MOP, dj PREMIER, and all those guys East Coast and West Coast. The hard kicks and the head nodding type of music, thats what I want but just with the proper vibe with it. I think thats my sound at the moment.

Since starting your new venture, what has been the most rewarding so far?
Well Tiesto actually remixed my track 'Dreams' with SNAVS and I co-wrote the vocals so I am pretty proud of that. So that where you get recognition from a guy like that, that's pretty dope. Flying to LA to meet with music people. I get to do what I love and go to like different places in the world. I want to go to Tokyo and Asia and all the places. So hopefully travel more, meet more people, and make a lot more music. That's the goal.

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