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24 April 2017 - - The DJ List


Following his latest release on Lowly Palace, we decided to chat with REAUBEAU to discuss his latest releases, future releases, and a little bit bit about what has been going on with him since the last time we spoke in 2016.
The song 'Built for It' was released a few weeks ago and in it's first 24 hours of release, the track hit over 13,000 streams on Soundcloud with little to no intent at stopping there. The vocals over the track featuring Emma Sameth adds an infectious feel that leaves you feeling out of this world. Her voice and the lyrics compliment the track completely and if anything adds to an already well done production.

1. You have been through a few different genres in the industry before making ReauBeau, can you tell us a bit about each one and how it landed you here today?
Yes! I started singing in a punk/skater band when I was 17/18. After a year of doing that I started to do beatboxing, because people like Razhel, who is a famous beatboxer, really fascinated me. So I beat boxed on the street with my friends and started writing lyrics. That is how I got into hiphop groups. Then I got in touch with dubstep, which at first I didn’t really like because of the deep and dark sounds. But with tracks such as Giant – Drumstick and Eastern Jam from Chase & Status it got me hooked. Then I decided to start making dubstep music as ‘Robokop’ for about 5/6 years and sometimes I still play some dubstep sets. After a few years I thought it was time to start a new journey and pick up my old hiphop vibes from the old days, so I created ReauBeau. With ReauBeau I am trying to put everything I have learned the past 8 years into a future hiphop vibe, and now I already have released tracks on Spinnin’ Records, Lowly Palace, MA Music and Red Bull within a very short period so I am really happy how things are going so far! Sorry for the long story haha.

2. Your latest release on Lowly Palace 'Built for It' with Maesic dropped a week ago, can you tell us about a bit about this track and how you got to collaborate with Maesic as well as vocalist Emma Sameth on it?
Maesic and me got added to this Golden Frame group on Facebook and he asked me do to a song together. I just sent him a ‘work-in-‘progress’, which were just some cool chords and a funky line and then he sent it back which made it mellower. He also asked Emma for some vocals. We did a few sessions back and forth on Splice and now you have the result.

3. 'Built for It' has already hit 50k streams on Soundcloud in it's first week, how does that feel to see it rise in streams every day?
It’s really good if you think about it! And I am really thankful for all the support from everyone reposting, downloading, streaming or sharing it with his or her friends.

4. You also did a song with Snavs in March, a real up and comer with Spinnin’ Records, called 'Dreams'. Tell us a little about that. How did you link with Snavs to produce that track?
I met Snavs on a Run The Trap XL event in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We started chatting about production and I asked him to listen to one of my tracks and whether he was interested in signing it to his label Riotville. After the event I also recorded some vocals from an amazing vocalist called Lis. After a few weeks I asked him if he was still interested and after a few minutes he asked if he could finish it, because he loved the draft. Then he did his magic on it and we ended up with a killer track on Spinnin’ Records.

5. Last time we spoke you had just released 'My World' and 'Paradise', tell us has anything changed from then to now (almost a year a part)?
I think that I am now more focused then ever and have a good feeling of where I want to go as an artist. In the past year I have grown a lot, received a lot of great response on my productions which ended up in many big releases, so I’m very happy with that.

6. You've been putting out track after track and they all have been doing great, do you have more singles in the works to be released, working on an album or even a tour?
Thanks! I have a lot coming out actually. I have 2 remixes coming out in May and a new original with Creepa in June, so watch out for that one! Besides that I have so much laying around. My release schedule is full till August at the moment, so you can expect one or two releases every month basically. The album question is difficult because I think I am not that big yet to put out an album. Eventually I want to do 4-track EP’s and create a story around it, maybe even a short film. We’ll see!

7. What can we expect from you in the future as you continue to grow and build your career?
For this year I have a lot of releases coming out on different labels and many shows around the globe, which I cant say much about yet. At the moment I love to make a lot of music in different genres. I co-organized this writers camp with the Run The Trap agency and Music Production Academy (both from Rotterdam) and it was a big success. Eventually I want to be like Hans Zimmer and create epic adventures that make you close your eyes and make you forget everything around you.

8. Last unrepresented question, but a very valuable one. What is the craziest, wildest, most memorable thing you have ever done, witnessed, or been a part of since starting your career?
I don’t do that many crazy things to be honest, but here are my top 3 moments recently:
3. Making music for Red Bull
2. Going on a mini Australia tour
1. I can’t tell you yet but the word will be out soon!

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