Exclusive Interview With Ramba Zamba

12 June 2018 - - - The DJ List


We are pleased to welcome RAMBA ZAMBA for a chat this week - who have just covered Natalie Imburglia's "Torn" in their own epic style. Read all about it here...

Good to have you! Please tell us a little about yourselves… who are you and where are you currently based?

Thank you! We are two young boys from northern Germany – Schwerin. First there is Danny, 28 years old and second there is Tom - he is 26 years old.

How long have you been making music? What made you first want to write it?

Danny: When I was sitting in the PC -room in school I listening to the DJs on the radio online and wanted to do the same. At 13 I bought my first turntables and started to make my own parties and mixes.

Tom: I started to make hip hop beats and record vocals with an age of 14. At 18 I got inspiration from electronic music and did my first DJ gigs in our hometown, where I also met Danny.

What do you enjoy most about producing? What difficulties does it sometimes bring?

It`s great to sit in the studio, trying to combine new sounds, making a really nice song or mix. Then you go to the festival and see how the crowd celebrates your sounds. Today the music industry moves very fast, every Friday you can hear new music and the genre changes more and more. Ten years ago you were waiting months for new music. It was a highlight to get the newest music first!

Do you surroundings inspire your music? How would you sum up the signature Ramba Zamba sound?

Ramba Zamba`s sound is a combination of Danny's interest in the "hands up" music from school days and the electronic/hip hop era of Tom's youth. We try to combine old music with new sounds.

Are you pleased with how “Torn” has turned out?

Yes of course, it shows our inspiration to make old tracks in a new way - in the typical Ramba Zamba style.

How did the collaboration with Pearl Andersson come about? Were you fans of the original?

Pearl Andersson has a great voice. She has made many great tracks with other DJ's so we asked her to cover this great song. She likes the new version!

We love old tracks and some of them are still catchy these days. Yes of course we love the original - that was also why we covered the Natalie Imbruglia song.

Where do you see your sound progressing over the coming months/years?

We hope that our fans and other people enjoy our sound and become fans of our music.

• If you could work with any artist (alive or dead) on a track, who would you choose and why?

Tom: It will be great to work with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, because in my opinion they are the party kings anyway and I love their music in combination and action with their fans.

Danny: I think Avicii was the Mozart from the electronic dance music and everyone would have liked to work with him.
We miss him.

• What can we expect from you next? What are your dreams for the rest of this year?

We hope our new single brings us the right position in the scene and we are working on new productions now.

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