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28 November 2016 - - - The DJ List


With a super creative approach to production, we were keen to speak to slick artist OIJ about some of his recent releases, take a look out our interview below.

You've just had your awesome single "Blinded" remixed; did you enjoy making the original?

I had a great time making the original. It was the first single off my first EP, so it carries some extra value and helped me gain popularity quicker than we had expected! ฀

We read that Japanese city culture inspired the single – is Japan a place you've seen a lot of?

I have seen a few places in Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, Kanazawa, but there is so much more to be seen and discovered. The Japanese culture is very inspirational to me, as it blends tradition with modern aspects so nicely. The creative freedom expressed by the Japanese people in the night-time is also astonishing and a big source of inspiration. Nothing is impossible or frowned upon, giving you a sense of freedom that I try to translate into my music.

Does your location often inspire your music? Or do your musical influences come from different sources?

For me, location certainly inspires me, but it is not the sole influence on my creativity. Also the ambience, mood, and people around me greatly influence my musical choices. Or events that may have happened elsewhere in the world, but still impact me (and others) around the globe.

Which track of your career so far are you most proud of to date?

It's quite hard to pick a favorite child. I love them all for different reasons. "Blinded" will always remain special, as it put me out there. "Believe" is special to me because it was the theme for the European Athletics Championship of 2016, and was being played inside a sold out Olympic Stadium. I can go on and on about each song this way! They are all dear to me. ฀

Which "Blinded" remixes really stand out for you?

The nice thing about the "Blinded" remixes, is that they are all very different. I love the lounge vibe on the Spire remix, the tropical vibes on the Little Kings remix, the amazing edgy and matrix-like drums on the Feiertag remix, the creative twist on the Shapes remix where you
can hardly recognise the original, and the party vibes on the Playground Zer0 remix. Oh and of course I have some love for my own reprise on there. You always find some little tweaks to be made to a song after the release and this gave me the option to do that.

Do you have your next release currently in the works? When can we expect to hear it?

I have recently released my new single "Back To The Start" featuring the talented Gia Koka and my 2nd EP is pretty much finished and expected to come in January 2017. The year's going to start off good!

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