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06 December 2016 - - - The DJ List


To hear a little more about the creation process for new single "The Mack", we had a chance to speak with its talented producer, NEVADA.

How did the idea for “The Mack” come about initially? Was it a fairly quick creative process?

It all came together in a matter of days. The idea was brought to me by my manager Dani, and as soon as I started working on it I knew I had something pretty special.

Did taking on such a globally renowned single and making it your own daunt you, or did you enjoy working on a classic?

I was more honored than nervous to work on the song. The topline really fits where music is today, so it was nice to see the song come around 20 years later but still sound fresh.

How has “The Mack” gone down so far? What have been a couple of the best reactions?

We've been seeing amazing reactions from all sides of the music industry. Radio stations seem to really love the tune and it’s also doing tremendously well on Spotify. We hope the momentum keeps going through the new year, and then it’s on to single number 2.

Mark Morrison and Fetty Wap are both featured on your edit, and really add another dimension. Did you have much interaction with them when creating the tune?

They are both top notch to work with.

What else are you working on right now?

I’m in the studio writing and collating for may next single. All i can say is, this next song is really gonna surprise people, and I can’t wait to get it out.

If you could recreate another well-known single from any genre, what would you choose?]

"Gold Digger" - Kanye West

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