Exclusive Interview With Fly Flamingo

24 November 2016 - - - The DJ List


With a distinctively unique style, and a great eye for a melody, Fly Flamingo are an act to keep watching as we head into 2017. We grabbed the duo for a quick chat about their most recent outing "Take Me."

When did you both decide to make music together? Were you already friends before the hook up happened?

REUBEN: It's actually been quite a few years now, we collaborated and released music under different aliases a few times.

JON: It was really a natural progression from spending lots of time in the studio and together, and talking shop.

Do you both have different ways of writing or do you work on everything as a pair?

REUBEN: Jon is a much better songwriter than I am, so often he’ll start an idea then we’ll progress it together. I generally handle the boring engineering and mixdowns (not boring, lol).

JON: We have very different writing styles but similar tastes, we also bring different qualities to the whole production process.

What prompted the alias Fly Flamingo?

JON: Reuben and I were watching David Attenborough and this crocodile was rolling up on the flamingos and I was like “Oh shit, fly Flamingo!”

What do you find exciting about the music scene right now?

REUBEN: The ‘anything goes, weirder the better’ mentality.

JON: The thing that excites me about the scene right now is the prospect of fame and fortune! I can’t wait to become the next Bruce Wayne.

Your new single features Bliss on vocals – are you keen to work together again?

JON: Very keen to work with Bliss again, she’s a very talented singer! She’s also a talented DJ who;s waaaay better than us, and also a great cook! She’s also my girlfriend. Hi babe, thanks for the singing, love you!

What or who are your current inspirations?

JON: RL Grime, Zeds Dead, Ace of Bass

Is the next single on the way? If so, is it in a similar style to “Take Me”?

REUBEN: Yes we have more songs haha, we have a few on the horizon ranging from radio to full on facewarp trap.

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