Don Diablo's 'A Better Future Tour' Makes Its Way to Madrid's Blackhaus

12 March 2018 - - The DJ List


On Thursday, March 15th, DON DIABLO will be making his way to Madrid’s Blackhaus, for what’s expected to be an insane performance. Don has an enormous following in Spain, and just a year ago completely sold out another of Madrid’s premier venues. The city has been buzzing with excitement for his arrival and we can’t wait to watch him tear up the elite Vegas-style club, known as Blackhaus.

As if we needed another reason to praise the future house master, Don Diablo has taken his current ‘A Better Future Tour’ in a bold, admirable direction. Don will be performing all over Europe completely for free with all ticket revenue going to KWF, Dutch Cancer Society. Fans can purchase tickets for the unbelievable price of 10 euro each, with the option to donate more if they please.

Regarding the tour and ticket cost, Don explained, “I will be playing in smaller and intimate fan led venues where I’ll be very close to people. I regularly get messages from fans that are unable to purchase concert tickets, because of their financial situation, so I wanted to give everyone a fair shot. I will be playing everywhere for FREE and all ticket profits will be a direct donation to the Cancer Trust, an organization very close to my heart – this way we'll all be contributing towards "A Better Future". I am a proud Ambassador of the Dutch Cancer Trust KWF and this tour is all about giving back and hopefully it will inspire more artists to do the same at some point in time.”

The European Tour kicked off on March 7th in Stockholm Sweden, and will make its way across Europe to 10 other countries before finally finishing April 1st in Slovenia. We’ve included the full list of tour dates below.

7th March - Café Opera. Stockholm, Sweden
8th March – Austur. Reykjavik, Iceland
9th March – Warehouse. Amsterda, Netherlands
10th March – Country Club. Palermo, Italy
14th March – Prince Charles. Berlin, Germany
15th March – Blackhaus. Madrid, Spain
16th March – Shanghai. Essen, Germany
17th March – Les Etolies, Paris, France
18th March – Walthers Musikcafe. Skanderborg, Denmark
28th March – XOYO. London, UK
29th March – Gorilla. Manchester, UK
30th March – Opera Club. Zagreb, Croatia
31st March – Stream set worldwide in special location
1st April - Kurzschluss. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Not only has Don pioneered the future house subgenre, he’s now taking a lead in the fight for ‘A Better Future.’ We wish him all the best on his journey and hope fans can support the cause by buying tickets or simply donating. To get your tickets and for more information, click here.

Catch up with Don Diablo: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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