What So Not Delivers A Proper Remix Of Era Istrefi's "Redrum"

12 August 2017 - - The DJ List


Aussie-bred DJ/producer WHAT SO NOT has established himself as a household name in the scene, following his earlier releases of records like "Jaguar", "Touched", "Gemini" and of course, his DOMINATING remix of "Innerbloom". But now, the versatile producer shows us how unparalleled his talent and sound really goes with his latest remix of Era Istrefi's "Redrum".

The tune from the Albanian singer/songwriter was a challenging one to remix from the get-go, having been mainly vocal based- but What So Not has completely blown us away with his take on it. Still holding on to the captivating guitar chords and delicate beauty from the original tune, the future bass remix of it is a gorgeous little concoction that hits you right in your core with 808 kicks, those signature, haunting What So Not synth's and tastefully assorted vocal chops.

Get the track here!

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