Why Deadmau5 remains a household name

28 April 2017 - - - The DJ List


Deadmau5 is one of those artists who needs no introduction. The Canadian electronic music producer and DJ just recently kicked off his US tour 'lots of shows in a row'. This time, Joel Zimmerman aka DEADMAU5 debuted his brand new Cube 2.1 live production with support talent FEED ME. The 18-foot cube was completely mental that took audiovisual to another level. While Deadmau5 is known to be creative in all of his work whether it be music or production (or just blowing up bombs), Joel definitely outdid himself with the live production that truly immersed the crowd when we saw him this past Monday at the Fox Theater in Oakland for his three day run of shows in the Bay Area including his official afterparty alongside TOMMY LEE, DJ AERO, Feed Me, STEVE DUDA and NO MANA at the Great Northern in San Francisco.

The two-hour concert showcased a wide variety of records throughout deadmau5's well established career from his album "W:/2016ALBUM/" such as "Let Go," "Cat Thruster," "Snowcone" amd mainstay favorites like "Strobe," "Ghosts N Stuff," "The Velt" and "Raise Your Weapon."

If you follow Joel, you also would know he is quite an avid gamer and his Cube 2.1 revealed visuals like a giant mau5 rubix cube to Rocket League video game scenes and even his cat Meowingtons.

Deadmau5 is just one of those artists that doesn't need to follow the hype, crowd, or trends to remain relevant -- not does he really care about that kind of stuff anyway. We are all eternally grateful that he dropped "Strobe" at the very end because that's the record that will give you goosebumps. Not to mention he also brought back the LED mau5head helmet with the Eye of Sauron that was suggested by a fan.

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