Dance Music Veteran Nick Martin Talks Getting Signed To Armada And Touring With The Chainsmokers

14 March 2017 - - The DJ List


You don't always have to be in the spotlight to be labeled as a dance music veteran- which is the case for NICK MARTIN. This OG vinyl-spinning DJ started off lugging crates of white label promos, playing alongside global superstars like DAVID GUETTA and AVICII and soundtracked clubgoers experiences for nearly two decades. 2017 is the year for Nick to shine- as he began producing his own original music, just got a record signed to Armada and wrapped up a tour with EDM powerhouse-duo THE CHAINSMOKERS. We got to sit down with Nick and talk about what's next for him, his latest single and more:

You started off spinning vinyl and being heavily involved in soundtracking club nights, to now being signed to a major label like Armada- tell me about how surreal this entire journey has been.

Indeed it's been surreal and the struggle has been more than real. Of course I have a long way to go, but this is my passion. I think that even for the established artist, the hustle and creative grind is always there and to get the next hit. I am happy with how things have played out and I am confident about the future.

Branching off of getting signed to Armada, tell me a bit about your very first track that was recently put out on the imprint.

The track has evolved though an iterative process. First, we went to the studio to cut the vocals for another track and it was not going great- so instead of wasting studio time, we decided to write something new. Within an hour, the basis of the idea was there. out of nowhere!! I knew immediately that this will be great. Then my original idea regarding the instrumentation changed a little bit.

My previous record had a more energetic drop with vocal chops on it, but here i wanted to make something different with a chorus and a pre-chorus. To be honest with you, I did not get inspired by any particular song but rather wanted to be within the vibe of the contemporary urban-dance style.

Your track "Shackles" is signed under The Bearded Man imprint, which is known for it's genre-less, unique tracks. What do you do to mix up your sound or have you been experimenting with any new sounds lately?

For up-and-coming artists, it's easier to explore new sounds and ultimately get known for a style. Of course, that is dangerous because you might be caught up in a specific style and then fans expect that style from you as an artist. My roots are house music from a DJ point of view but I am evolving as an artist to have broader horizons. To me it is all about the song. If it sounds good and the lyrics and vibe are amazing, then I am sold. My next single is different in the sense that it's a higher BPM, but I use many similar bass and pads in the best possible context, which derives from the top-line.

This has been a super exciting year for your so far between the new single, Armada and you're wrapping up a tour with The Chainsmokers. How has the tour been going for you? Any funny/exciting stories from it?

Well first of all, I feel so happy to be part of that tour. The decision was made last summer when the guys asked me to be on their European tour and of course, I said yes! You won't believe how big they are in Europe. They are amazing, fun and talented guys….lots of good times. Of course touring in a different city everyday can get exhausting, but we definitely had a few fun nights.. enough said. *laughs*

Your sound is generally really upbeat, feel-good and groovy. Do you draw inspiration from anything in particular to get that feel-good sound?

I'm really a jack of all trades. I love house and big room, but also regularly attend underground events as a clubber. I try to keep it real and respect the legacies created by many electronic music masters. Things change, times change but one thing always stays the same! When the sound of a good kick, good bass and great top lines comes together, it creates unforgettable electronic music- “leave the world behind!"

Hidden talent or any guilty pleasures?

Golfing and fishing talent wise. Guilty pleasures… wine!

What are some of your go-to or favorite tracks to play during a set?

"Pompeii" (Audien Remix) by Bastille, "Center Of The Universe" (Blinders Remix) by AXWELL and "Sky Full of Stars" (Various Remixes) by Coldplay.

What goals do you have for 2017?

Release as many songs as possible since I have many tunes ready to go- and get a Spotify Global Top 50!

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