Dada Life Brings 'Our Nation' Tour to San Francisco

08 June 2018 - - The DJ List


After six years of creating a musical experience for fans, DADA LIFE released their third studio album, Our Nation, on May 4th, 2018. Following the album's launch they announced a 30 date tour for the Album, promising high energy champagne showers and of course, everyone's daily dose of Potassium.

In San Francisco, California, fans packed into a small 1015 Folsom for an intimate experience with Dada Life. Complete with Dada Life flags, bunches of bananas, and inflatable letters spelling “DADA LIFE”, the stage exploded with energy and confetti. Attendees were dressed in banana suits and other banana adorned attire as inflatable bananas were bopped about the crowd. If you’re looking for a powerhouse dance party gone Dada, don’t miss Dada Life on the remainder of their tour.

Our photographer captured all the madness! You can see the highlights here.

For more info about Dada Life visit their website.

Full list of shows and to get tickets get them here.

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