Dabin Breaks Down His "Two Hearts" LP And Talks Inspirations

23 June 2017 - - The DJ List


From Toronto hails DABIN, the 24-year old producer casting ripples in our hearts and feeding our souls. Being no stranger to having up to over a million streams on SoundCloud for his tracks like "Hold", Dabin is the stand-out game changer that this generation of electronic talent needs.

Dabin's sound encapsulates this borderline impossible to emulate emotion that only innovators and barrier-breakers like PORTER ROBINSON, SLOW MAGIC and K?D have been able to successfully do. His live instrument-incorporated performances only goes to show how unparalleled his talent is- along with his synth glistening, dream-like, versatile and straight up spine-chilling 11-track "Two Hearts" debut LP:

Tell me a bit about how you got started as an artist and what inspired you to make music.

I’ve been making music for as long as I can remember. Whether it was through music lessons to being in bands with friends from art school, music has been an integral part of my life. Music production started when I went off to University and a bunch of friends introduced me to electronic music. I was captivated by the sounds and the ability to produce them by yourself in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Congrats on the release of ‘Two Hearts’! This being your debut album, what vision did you have with it?

My vision was simply to tell a story through music. Not only through each song, but as a collective entity. I wanted people to feel a type of cohesion from beginning to end. I’ve become more fascinated with the songwriting aspect of music production and its ability to transport listeners into a completely different world. I wanted them to experience the feelings and emotions that I went through throughout the creation of this album.

The album really showcases your versatility as an artist, so what do you get inspired with new styles when it comes to creating?

I think listening to music outside of your comfort zone is really important. I’m very inspired by the sounds of WOODKID, Lana Del Rey, and Florence and the Machine but also inspired by electronic artists such as MADEON and ODESZA. I’m also very inspired by the art in film and video games. Inspiration can be so hard to find sometimes, so I take it wherever I can.

Which tracks would you personally say are some of the most meaningful to you off of ‘Two Hearts’?

Each song from the album has a pretty distinct meaning to me, but if I had to pick a few I’d say “Helium”, “Worries”, and “Lilith”.

Being based out of Toronto, how did the music scene over there shape your sound?

I’d love to say that Toronto shaped me as a producer, but the bulk of my musical career was developed outside of Toronto. Being away from Toronto hindered my ability to learn more about the vibrant music scene that exists within it. I’m really just starting to get into it now. That being said, I was very fortunate enough to grow up with a group of very talented friends who have undoubtedly attributed to the musical knowledge that I have today. My music would not be what it is today without them.

Your sets truly set you apart from a lot of other electronic artists considering you incorporate live instruments into your performance. Which instrument in particular do you enjoy performing with the most?

The guitar. I’ve been playing guitar for much longer than I have been producing and the guitar is where I fell in love with music and songwriting.

I noticed you collaborate with a lot of songwriters- are there any producers you would love to collab with?

I’d love to collaborate with someone like KAYTRANADA or Odesza.

If you could curate your own genre-less festival lineup, who are some artists you would choose?

Oh man there are so many. Off the top of my head, Woodkid, TYCHO, MUSE, Odesza, Madeon, ILLENIUM.

Name 3 interesting facts about yourself.

I’m left handed but play the right handed guitar. Dabin is actually my real (Korean) name. I can crack my knuckles without touching them.

Anything else in the works for the year?

Working on a Two Hearts B-Sides EP and some collaborations!

Stream the "Two Hearts" LP here!

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