Confessions label is at it again with new Andy Sherman release

13 April 2017 - - The DJ List


Tchami's label Confessions is at it again with a fresh new artist and an amazing debut single. This time it comes from Andy Sherman, who is 1/2 of the famous duo Shermanology, taking his own spin at a solo project with a new killer debut track to place him on the map.

Though he may be a new name to the Confession fan base, this budding artist already has a following with his duo project SHERMANOLOGY. He has been a part of this group and performing beats since 2009. Now Sherman ventures on his own for a solo project that is sure to turn some heads as he shy's away from his former Shermanology roots and productions.

Sherman opens his debut release on Confessions with 'Swagga' which is an aggressive bass heavy bumping track. Though this track is odd for Sherman's known musical roots, it is no stranger to recent releases on Confession. It starts off with tribal percussion's and flows seamlessly with vocals to match. Confession's has been releasing future house hits left and right the last two months and this track is about to be one of the fan favorites. Only a few years since the labels birth, it has proven it is a label to watch out for and follow.

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